Release notes for version 1.1

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New features

  1. Improved theater mode with 360° video-playback support
  2. Additional significant localization in browser UI (e.g., Settings, URL Bar, etc.):
    • Chinese (Mandarin: Simplified & Traditional)
    • French
    • Italian
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Japanese
    • Korean
  3. Expanded Voice-Search support for new localized languages
  4. Bookmarks (saving and viewing; cross-device syncing coming soon)
  5. Automatic search suggestions in URL bar


  1. Numerous improved performance of 2D-UI experience
  2. WebVR stability
  3. Added some missing keys to keyboard
  4. General stability fixes
  5. New VR user agent to improve web compatibility
  6. Improvements to Fullscreen video playback
  7. Added MSAA (default to 2x)
  8. Visual refinements to the URL bar
  9. Fixed top application crashes
  10. Fixed volume controls for website content
  11. Removed sound effects for UI navigation

All commits between 1.0.1 and 1.1d

  • dcb38f3 Fix crash reporting and telemetry switches always show off. Fixes #844
  • f5e522d Fix exit fullscreen viewport scaling issues. Fixes #833 (#845)
  • b92a5e6 Fix onCurrentSessionChange listener notification on new Session (e.g. popup) (#842)
  • cc5f95d Prevent auto-zooming when form field gets focus. Fixes #755 (#838)
  • e133c83 Fix splash on Oculus
  • 30f6d4e Call surfaceChanged on private browsing session change
  • baa4947 Fix MSAA
  • 348c3c1 keep keyboard open upon pressing Clear icon in URL bar (fixes issue #742) (#830)
  • a9da13e Video projection selection via URL parameter (#746)
  • 38cd26a Fixes Bookmarks resizing issues (#820)
  • b89303c Fix duplicated surface changed calls with layers (#831)
  • 4a3d928 Fixes #772 Localization UI adjustments (#827)
  • 17467e1 Disable Media Control buttons for non-video sources (#796)
  • 85c2cc3 Fix remove media from the state list on unload
  • 4cf3993 Fixes #750 Wrong icon/look with new Resize Mode icons (#829)
  • be7c603 temporarily disable loud sounds for now (fixes issue #751) (#813)
  • 6307d91 Disable polymer on youtube via URL override (#824)
  • c48ec49 Merge pull request #731 from RangerMauve/patch-1
  • 91f390f minor rephrasing for clip-in Daydream VR
  • 3b9d783 Implement larger window on fullscreen. Handle video quality changes during VR playback. (#823)
  • 7af80bd Fixes domains not completed correctly (#828)
  • 9426226 Fix stuck in fullscreen mode when exiting private browsing. Fixes #739 (#798)
  • 49290ad Stop the throbber while switching sessions (#821)
  • a1f7bdc Fixes #634 Selecting language for voice input (#728)
  • 40bfeac Fix 360 video layer after a source quad layer resize (#822)
  • ff588a2 Fixes #783 Suggestion widget crash (#819)
  • b4fd780 Recreate SwapChain on layer resize. ANativeWindow_setBuffersGeometry() is not reliable. (#816)
  • e92f5a3 Fix black quad on the browser window before the first composite. (#815)
  • a38266e Improve layer blending. Fix beam black halo. (#814)
  • af3edb9 Update GV. Add helper comments.
  • 7dde4b0 Fixes #347: Bookmarks support (#760)
  • 2fbe10a Fixes #784: Voice search UI fails to show after granting permission (#811)
  • 022461c Remove vertical scrollbar in fullscreen video projection menus. Fixes #763. (#797)
  • 22ee10e Fixes #806 Controller back button on Go stops working after suggestions dialog shown (#807)
  • d70ef7d Fixes #804 Update strings for Japanese v1.1 version (#808)
  • 54b55a0 Refactor pointer code. Support layers for pointer. (#788)
  • 743a8df Merge pull request #698 from MozillaReality/developer-panel-fix
  • 4582bf8 Fix back button for Oculus (#800)
  • 86b152d Fixes #697 #734 The Developer panel closes when and EditText is focused
  • 3402169 Fix video reprojection issue with layers
  • 453bd4a Fix crash on start up for noApi
  • db7e37f Use lockHardwareCanvas on UI rendering (#789)
  • 5e4f9cf Implement TimeWarp Layers (#778)
  • 5488d24 Add user agent override list support. (fixes #488) (#777)
  • 76881bd Reorder touchpad and trigger button of WaveVR. (#781)
  • 8b0085a Merge pull request #773 from MozillaReality/url-highlight
  • 5fcf006 Fixed @ symbol (#771)
  • ad48dcb Fixes #476 Fixes URL bar focus handling and cursor positioning
  • 3b3279b Make sure the back button only triggers one back event. Fixes #768 (#769)
  • 6c5e28e Fixes #617 #738 - Do not refresh URL bar on load request (#765)
  • 803f618 Enable volume buttons on Oculus Go. Fixes #713 (#766)
  • 54f045e Fixes #729, add localizations to FirefoxReality (#730)
  • 8429afa remove installLocation=preferExternal to unbreak Oculus Release build
  • d90f804 fix typo in variable name: mssa -> msaa (#740)
  • 2273bdd Fix build failure for SVR
  • eaa4fc5 180/360/3D video support (#725)
  • 5eeebbe clean up various L10n strings (#711)
  • 7c8b949 Fixes a crash hiding the suggestions bar (#735)
  • fe5bacd Suggestions bar implementation (#724)
  • 5b4c535 Added note about Daydream on phones
  • e900283 Turnoff sample storing on voice search (#712)
  • e6d794e change Error and Private Browsing Pages from XHTML to HTML5, add <meta charset="utf-8"> (fixes issue #700) (#710)
  • 10b4c2c Bumping GV to 65.0.20181105100132
  • 19e6b9b Add "LIVE" string to strings.xml
  • 63abc46 Update GV to 65.0.20181102100033 and fix API changes (#707)
  • 4efd107 Make VR User Agent the default. Fixes #478 (#704)
  • 7686578 Fixes #612 #629 New UI with more consistent styles (#703)
  • c70b206 Add development troubleshooting tips to README. (#701)
  • c4b3b0c Bump GeckoView to 65.0.20181101134442. Fixes #478
  • d1bb9ec fix typo in Private Browsing splash page (fixes issue #695) (#696)
  • 545123e add Bleeding-edge developer APKs section at top of README (#667)
  • fe3cbe1 Improve background dim API (#662)
  • 1cd5047 Do not call anything after session.close() (#670)
  • cda30ae Fixes #642 #643 Refactored FxR error pages to A-C browser-errorpages component. (#644)
  • 06df4a4 Add a user property to disable app relaunch on crash (#656)
  • 48d0c5e Add strings for video mode (#661)
  • 84a5242 Improve widget depth sorting (#663)
  • b091086 Hide home page redirect javascript URLs (#619)
  • 5bf4f4b Simplify onLoadRequest allow or deny code (#660)
  • 77adfd5 Fix not throttled events and errors when pointing the remote on the background. Add WordClick listener. Fixes #664 (#666)
  • 6bbf7ab Update to the latest GV version (#658)
  • d91e456 Bump version to 1.1
  • 7d8b8c4 Remove old comment
  • 50c53cb The background (cubemap) environment was looking pixelated due to being sampled with a box filter (GL_NEAREST). Changing this to GL_LINEAR fixes it. At the particular resolution of the environments, it's not necessary to create mipmaps or use GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR sampling, as the lower mips would only have a minor effect in the extreme corners of the cube. If we later support a wider range of resolutions, or sample from this environment map for reflections, then we should generate mips. Ideally, the environment would be pre-compressed with pre-generated mips, but simply using GL_LINEAR helps a lot for now. (#653)
  • 7add37b Null check instances when fading world (#649)
  • 26b8a3b Fixed environment fade when clicking on Privacy and Bug Report settings (#650)
  • 733721b Update (#646)
  • 60c159d Add localizations notes to the application strings. Fixes #625 #624 (#626)
  • ec364b0 Adding support for speech library 1.0.5 containing multi-lingual capabilities and the possibility to set a tag do identify the product using the speech API. (#633)
  • 388bfe3 Servo support enabled via (#498)
  • 7e614e7 Merge pull request #637 from MozillaReality/fix-typo-in-private_browsing_title
  • 487efaa fix typo in private_browsing_title L10n string
  • 81cbd41 Java code refactor (#623)
  • bff223d Disable LogUsage lint check (from android components). (#627)
  • 2eb9e32 Merge pull request #622 from MozillaReality/Manishearth-patch-1
  • dc29d83 nit: add hyphens and punctuation
  • b86b21c Mention third_party repo is mozilla-only, provide alternatives
  • 0233ae2 Add missing setup info about building for devices
  • a3e6668 Support added for loading local files through file:// handler (#605)
  • 73cba99 Fixed focus handling for VoiceSearch (#609)
  • 4d6344f Refactored Developer Options code (#607)
  • 0ad0545 Improved focus handling (#608)
  • 93ece9d Use Mozilla Android Components 0.26.0 from (#606)
  • 7d8f642 Fix version build date in settings widget
  • e674612 add --console=plane to GVR gradlew call
  • bf9850e Pass --console=plain into gradlew for taskcluster builds to make output easier to read in the run log
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