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WebXR emulator extension
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WebXR emulator extension

WebXR emulator extension is a browser extension which helps your WebXR content creation. It enables to responsively run WebXR application on your desktop browser without the need of any XR devices.

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  • WebXR API polyfill
  • Multiple XR devices emulation
  • Graphical device emulator control with Three.js
  • Cross browsers support with WebExtensions API


Currently the development of this extension is still at an early stage.


This extension is built on top of WebExtensions API. It works on Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers supporting the API.

How to use

  1. Go to the addon stores to install (Firefox, Chrome)

  2. Go to WebXR application page (for example, Three.js examples). You will notice that the application detects that you have a VR device (emulated) and it will let you enter the immersive (VR) mode.

  3. Open "WebXR" tab in the browser developer tool (Firefox, Chrome) to controll the emulated devices. You can move the headset and controllers and trigger the controller buttons. You will see their transforms reflected in the WebXR application.

WebXR tab


You can congifure some settings from the left top in the WebXR tab. To reflect the change, you need to reload the application page.


You can switch emulated device. The difference between devices is just degrees of freedom and the number of controllers for now.

Device Description
Google Cardboard 3dof headset and no controller
HTC Vive 6dof headset and two 6dof controllers
None No device
Oculus Go 3dof headset and 3dof controller
Oculus Quest 6dof headset and two 6dof controllers
Samsung Gear VR 3dof headset and 3dof controller

Stereo Effect

You can enable/disable Stereo Effect which renders two views.

StereoEffect Description
Enable Enables Stereo effect
Disable Disables Stereo effect

For development

If you want to develop or debug this extension, download this repositoy and install the extension into your browser as developermode. (Firefox, Chrome)


  • (09/11/2019) Currenlty it seems that the extension causes errors on A-Frame and it can stop A-Frame applicaiton so that you need to uninstall the extension for it. The root issue seems A-Frame uses old WebXR API while the extension uses the new one. See #100 and #81 (Update on 09/18/2019) It seems A-Frame updates their WebXR API in next release aframe/issues/4268


Thanks to WebVR-Extension project, it was a true inspiration for us when building this one.


Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

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