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(2015) Horizon was an experimental VR browser built on web standards using CSS-VR.
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An experimental browser written using web standards.

This browser can be run inside of a standalone Graphene build, or as an browser extension.


  1. Clone the git repository from GitHub:
    git clone
  2. Open the working directory:
    cd horizon
  3. Install the Node dependencies:
    npm install


To start the server and file watchers run the following on the command line:

npm start

If you wish to serve the site from a different port:

PORT=8000 npm start

Running inside of a Graphene build

You should build with the Gecko branch mirrored here:

Once you have a clone of the project you need to add the following line to a .mozconfig file:

ac_add_options --enable-application=b2g/graphene
ac_add_options --with-branding=b2g/branding/horizon
mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=obj-horizon

Build the gecko project with:

./mach build

You can run the built binary like so:

/path/to/gecko-projects/obj-graphene/dist/ --start-manifest http://localhost:8000/manifest.webapp

Running as an add-on

This will build and package the add-on into the .xpi file.

npm run addon

To run as an add-on, you will need to simply drop the add-on onto Firefox, or navigate to it with File > Open.


In production, the server is run like so:

npm start

Developer Tools

The easiest way to use Developer Tools with this project is to select the Remote Runtime option in WebIDE. To do so:

  • Open the Firefox Nightly browser
  • Navigate to Tools > Web Developer > WebIDE
  • Click Select Runtime > Remote Runtime
  • By default you should be able to connect to the running browser at localhost:6000


Run this command to publish a new tag to GitHub and version to npm:

npm run release
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