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Tool for reading and writing Hubs configuration values.
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Tool for reading and writing Hubs configuration values. WIP.

This tool coerces all configuration into a tree of values, where each value can either be a string, number, or a list of values. So any richer types in e.g. TOML configuration, like dates, will be stringified upon reading and writing.

Running it

Install dependencies:

$ npm ci

You can use it as a library, or run it on the command line:

# Reads the configuration for the janus-gateway service from AWS Parameter Store
# and pipes it into the local Habitat supervisor for the janus-gateway.default service group
$ ./bin/configtool ps --region=us-west-1 --creds=~/.aws/credentials read janus-gateway | \
  sudo ./bin/configtool hab write janus-gateway.default

To run the Habitat integration, you'll need the hab binary available; to run the AWS integration, you'll need an AWS credentials file to provide.

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