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Electron and essentials to get you started writing desktop apps.
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Electron Genesis

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Electron and essentials to get you started writing cross platform desktop apps in no time based on Electron, React, React Router, Styled Components, Material UI, Jest and Parcel. It offers a carefully selected range of packages and configurations to setup a featured development environment and a production ready build.


At the time of diving into Electron and using React as UI library for a new project I was unable to find a boilerplate which implemented Electron and Jest or tests in general. There was only a handful of boilerplates which were actually suitable to built on for production ready apps. Most noteable the boilerplates from chentsulin, electron-forge and extending - by forking or re-wireing - react-scripts from Facebook's create-react-app. Long story short, at the end my needs and wishes outweighted the work put into extending react-scripts and possibly maintaing the fork in the future that I decided to not get bald and to write my own custom boilerplate based on my wishes and the trends I observed in the community.




The project recommends yarn. If you have not installed yarn follow the individual platform instructions here. For MacOS it is as easy as running brew install yarn.

git clone --depth=1 <project-name>
cd <project-name>
yarn install

You have now successfully checked-out the base for your new project. To run the development version use yarn start and to produce a production build run yarn dist.


For a detailed list of commands take a look into the scripts section of package.json.


yarn start

yarn test
yarn typecheck
yarn lint
yarn format
yarn docs

yarn updates


yarn dist

Packages Overview

Component Package Dependency Description
App electron
cross-env 🔧 Sets env vars cross platform
electron-builder 🔧
express 🔧 Workaround for Parcel
dotenv Env Configuration
dotenv-expand Env Configuration
UI react UI Library
react-dom UI Library
react-router-dom UI Navigation
Style styled-components Styled Components (CSSJS)
styled-theming Styled Components Theming
@material-ui/core Material UI core
typeface-roboto default font for Material UI
@material-ui/icons default icons for Material UI
Transpiling @babel/cli 🔧
@babel/core 🔧
@babel/preset-env 🔧
@babel/preset-flow 🔧
@babel/preset-react 🔧
@babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties 🔧
babel-eslint 🔧
babel-jest 🔧
babel-plugin-styled-components 🔧
Type Safety flow-bin 🔧 TypeScript alternative
flow-upgrade 🔧
flow-typed 🔧
flow-coverage-report 🔧
Testing jest 🔧 Testing framework
jest-config 🔧 Jest configuration support
@jest-runner/electron 🔧 To run tests inside Electron
react-test-renderer 🔧
regenerator-runtime 🔧
spectron 🔧
Linting eslint 🔧 For JS/JSX
eslint-plugin-flowtype 🔧
eslint-plugin-import 🔧 Linting of ES6+ import/export syntax
eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y 🔧
eslint-plugin-react 🔧 React specific linting rules for ESLint
stylelint 🔧 CSSJS
stylelint-config-prettier 🔧
stylelint-config-recommended 🔧
stylelint-config-styled-components 🔧
stylelint-processor-styled-components 🔧
Formatting prettier 🔧
prettier-eslint 🔧
prettier-eslint-cli 🔧
eslint-config-prettier 🔧
eslint-plugin-prettier 🔧
lint-staged 🔧 In combination with Husky
husky 🔧 Run Git hooks
Documentation esdoc 🔧 Documentation generator
esdoc-standard-plugin 🔧
esdoc-jsx-plugin 🔧
esdoc-node 🔧
Utilities npm-check-updates 🔧 Checks package dependency updates
npm-run-all 🔧 Runs scripts in parallel or sync
parcel-bundler 🔧 Zero conf Webpack replacement

Dev-Dependency: 🔧

ESLint, Flow and Prettier Integration


  • ESLint will check JS/JSX for correctness.
  • Styleint and the attached processor extract the CSS out of Styled-Components to check it for correctness.

Type Checking

  • Flow will check JS/JSX code for type-safety.


  • Prettier is an opinionated formatter and will format the style for multiple filetypes automatically.

VSCode Integration

This package comes with a .vscode/settings.json workspace configuration file and set recommended values.

Recommended VSCode Extensions

Recommended to get the most out of this package. The configurations already exist in this package if you choose to use VSCode for development.


🙈 Issues

  • Flow LSP

    Running flow through the Language Server Protocol is still experimental.

    "flow.useLSP": true
  • vscode-jest & jest-runner/electron

    Does not always play nicely together for unknown reasons which it is a known issue.

    node_modules/@jest-runner/electron/build/electron_process_injected_code.js:25'ready', async () => {
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'on' of undefined
  • prettier-stylint and styled-components

    It was unsuccessful to get prettier-stylint to format and to --fix CSS inside styled-comonents. Prettier has built-in support now for styled-components but does not do any linting.

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