OSS development, a continuous lesson in humility #4

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Mpdreamz commented Mar 7, 2013

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dorony commented Mar 7, 2013

Thanks for the quick resolution of the issue! I love your library and it's awesome you maintain it so rigorously :)
I wanted to ask, though, why are you implementing your own synchronization code, instead of relying on built-in stuff like HttpClient.PostAsync? Won't that make your code simpler and easier to maintain?

Mpdreamz commented Mar 7, 2013

Thanks for the kind words! Mostly because Iwanted to be in full control. Most of the code was written back when nest still supported .net 3.5. Somewhere last year i bumped to 4.0 but that still left HttpClient out of the picture, the other wrapper WebClient async stuff is event based which I personally think is more complicated then HttpWebRequest Begin_/End_ pattern.

It might be fun excersize to make a Nest.Connection.HttpClient45 project that has an IConnection that uses HttpClient though :)

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