The joys of .NET OSS development #5

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Mpdreamz commented Apr 3, 2013

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Great post! By the way you have some sort of problem with the URL to the RSS feed on your blog.

jptoto commented Apr 4, 2013

That was a nice post and summary, Martijn.

On the one had, I think MS gets a worse rep than it deserves for supporting or not supporting OSS. It doesn't do a lot to DIRECTLY support folks who write OSS software but I see that changing a lot - especially in the last couple years. Slowly but surely they've been turning the ship to try and be more open and developer friendly. Legal issues and middle management seem to hinder things the most. A lot of the smart people there are constantly stymied when legal issues stop them from otherwise good ideas or directly supporting an OSS project that may compete with a commercial MS project.

There is too much groundswell for this not to change, and soon. I think folks like Glenn B are forging ahead with projects that will ultimately be the norm for Microsoft in a lot of ways. As soon as they can get he legal framework figured out, hopefully we'll see more direct support for OSS projects. Maybe an OSS MVP? That seems like a no brainer to me.

And for what it's worth, you do amazing work on NEST and a lot of people, including myself, appreciate it. I've been terribly negligent in giving back to that project. I'm going to have my employer let me spend a little time on helping with docs. Hopefully soon.

Keep up the great work, man!

Mpdreamz commented Apr 5, 2013

Some colleagues took my post as me being upset but I really meant to be positive about the .NET OSS community :)

I didn't mean to come off as nagging towards Microsoft too much, although @serialseb did make some good points here

Some awesome folks such as @glennblock are really paving the way over at microsoft and and doing some awesome stuff all around.

In fact some stuff that was decided in the chat I linked too is some truely awesome news!

quoting @glennblock here from the chat:

  1. We're going to feature some OSS content on ASP.NET
  2. We're going to see about getting alternatives listed on
  3. We're going to SEE about getting an OSS show on C9
  4. scriptcs is becoming an official MS project with own budget and will nominate its own OSS MVChampionHero (#not true)
  5. We're going to sit back and watch the community from an OSS Champion sort of thing
Mpdreamz commented Apr 5, 2013

@jptoto concerning helping out with the docs: AWESOME!. The documentation can use some serious TLC. I keep on pestering @kimchy for during the ES meetups here in holland so they better be complete if it ever makes it on there :D

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