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Owin 101

Progressively walkthrough owin into katana and back.

01 - BareBones

No dlls, just a simple owin handler. Use 01.bat to run.

Owin101.BareBones's Readme

02 - Barebones Middleware

Still no dlls, combining owin middleware by ourselves. Use 02.bat to run.

Owin101.BareBonesMiddleware's Readme

03 - Introducing IAppBuilder

We take a dependency on owin.dll and see what that gives us in return. Use 03.bat to run

Owin101.IntroducingIAppBuilder's Readme

04 - Helper assemblies

We take on additional dependencies on Owin.Extensions and Owin.Types and again look into how these help us write terser/better typed owin middleware. Use 04.bat to run

Owin101.HelperAssemblies's Readme

05 - Branching the builder

We take a dependency on Microsoft.Owin.Mapping to see how we can get a very simple routing going on. Up until now our handlers were completely sequential. This shows how to branch off and have different endpoints doing different things.

Use 05.bat to run

Owin101.BranchingBuilder's Readme

06 - Hosting

This example shows how katana handles the hosting be it self host in a console/service or in IIS.

Run this using F5 in visual studio.

Owin101.Hosting's Readme

*** NOTE:*** build once prior to running the bat files





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