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Owin Hosting

Up until now we've relied on OwinHost.exe to actually host and run our small little websites. But what if you want to self host say in a console application or service? This is where the Microsoft.Owing.Hosting and Microsoft.Owin.Host.* assemblies come into play.

You can run this like you would any other console application, F5 this sucker.


We have not actually seen this package up until now, this dll contains an actual implementation for IAppBuilder. It also proves implementations for OwinRequest, OwinResponse, FormCollection, RequestCookieCollection etcetera. All of the basic building blocks for dealing with http requests and responses really. This is also the home of the OwinStartup attribute you often see in online examples.


This contains the .ErrorPage() and .WelcomePage() extensions on IAppBuilder.


Defines the basic types for hosting implementations and introduces some concepts

Builder, Loader, Engine, ServerFactory, Starter none of which I fully understand however the ServerFactory bit is important since its what actual hosting implementations have to implement.

See also http://katanaproject.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest#src/Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener/OwinServerFactory.cs




An implementation of OwinServerFactory that allows owin middleware to run inside an HttpListener (http.sys). Ideal for selfhosting, although I personally prefer Nowin for selfhosting.


An implementation of OwinServerFactory that allows owin middleware to run inside System.Web's request pipeline (ASP.NET). Up until very recently the only way to run owin inside IIS.


An implementation of OwinServerFactory that does not run inside the ASP.NET pipeline but inside what I assume to be a special HttpModule. Codenamed Helios this is still in beta but I've had no issues already running a production site on azure with it.

Important note

None of this is really needed to run owin inside a webserver or to self host, this is just project katana's implementations of conventions agreed upon on the owin mailing lists. An alternative approach would be to include Nowin which is a single dll that includes a pure C# webserver that I've found to be a lot more stable when trying to self host on mono. With Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener i would often get random errors on my mac when trying to bind to a port.

There are some discussions going on right now on the .NET http abstractions working group about OWIN governance


This is great because whilst the katana project is steamrolling the owin movement further along it's probably a good idea to have two owin stacks building and agreeing on the conventions on top of OWIN.