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I�m going to link to the tutorials I�m following, but you can ignore those, since I detail every step I take.
Note: wherever I say "vim", you should probably use "nano".
Going to
Downloading latest Raspbian
Kernel 3.10
Extracting raspbian zip file to hard disk
Insert SD card into PC
Downloading Win32DiskImager from
Green download button
Extracting Win32DiskImager
Running Win32DiskImager
Check if Device shows correct drive letter
Opening raspbian image file downloaded earlier
This dialog box is sloooooow
Too impatient to wait
Kill Win32DiskImager
Running Win32DiskImager
Fill in path to raspbian image by hand
File doesn�t exist
Correct drive letter to lowercase
Yes, I�m sure I want to continue
This is gonna take a while, so flip a coin to pick one of these links for distraction:
Safely remove SDcard
Plug SDcard into RPi
Plug HDMI cable into RPi
Plug Powered USB Hub into RPi
Plug keyboard into USB Hub
Plug Bluetooth 4.0 adapter into USB Hub
Plug power into RPi
First boot
Expand filesystem
Enable boot/scratch
Text console
For now. We may need Desktop for Plover later, but it just makes things slow.
Internationalization options
Change Timezone
Change keyboard layout
Generic 104-key PC
English (US)
English (US) - English (US, Colemak)
Default alt-gr
No compose key
Don�t use ctrl+alt+backspace to terminate x-server
Change user password
Do this AFTER setting keyboard, or you may be typing other characters than you thought.
Advanced options
Reboot now
Boot into terminal
sudo su
You can ignore this LAN bit, it's just me making sure my Pi is recognized on the university network.
ifconfig eth0 down hw ether [Mac address]&& ifconfig eth0 up
plugin LAN
Stop ignoring things now.
apt-get update
Note: I�m not going to do apt-get upgrade after this, because that takes ages. Screw that.
[Edit: I later noticed that it doesn't actually take ages. So you might as well do an apt-get upgrade after this]
apt-get install vim python-gobject bluez bluez-tools bluez-firmware python-bluez python-dev python-pip bluez-utils bluez-compat bluetooth
Note: I install more packages than the tutorial says here. Otherwise it didn�t seem to work for me.
I�m installing bluez-utils, bluez-compat, and bluetooth. And vim, because I prefer vim over nano.
Got inspiration from
It says it will take 167 MB
This is gonna take a while too, 15 minutes or so, so check out the other link now.
pip install evdev
vim /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
Change line �#DisablePlugins = network,input�
To "DisablePlugins = network,input,audio,pnat,sap,serial�
/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart
sdptool browse local
Doesn�t show anything now besides �Browsing FF:FF:FF:00:00:00 ��, as it should.
git clone
cd BluePloverPi
sudo ./
Getting a bunch of timeouts, see if it still works though�
Leave this running for now
This goes to a second terminal screen
sudo hciconfig hci0 piscan
Makes pi visible to scans
Also timeout. Huh.
Let�s try random stuff then.
hcitool scan
No results.
Make android visible
hcitool scan
Oh it finds stuff now, but also my desktop PC, which it should have found a second ago too.
Maybe it just needed some time to get the Bluetooth up and running?
sudo hciconfig hci0 piscan
Oh this works now!
Let�s restart the PiTooth thing too then
sudo ./
Lookin� good
Back on track
sudo bluetooth-agent 000000
(The pin you write there is irrelevant, it generates a random one anyway)
Scan with android
click Raspberry Pi
Confirm passkey
We�re now connected
On android, go to a text editor
On the RPi, hit some buttons
It works! :D :D
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