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Test app built in Cloud
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Android Hello World Application

Developer Workspace



FROM codenvy/ubuntu_android

How to run

  1. Project build is started automatically when a workspace starts. Click the Preview URL, right click on the gray screen to call a context menu and launch the Emulator. It may take a while. Alt text
  2. Once the Emulator is started, right click on the gray screen and start the Terminal. In the Terminal run the following command to install apk: adb install /projects/mobile-android-hello-world/target/mobile-android-java-basic.apk.
    Alt text
  3. Find your application in the Emulator's Menu. Alt text
  4. Go back to the IDE. Change your application, build it with build-n-run command, go to the previously opened VNC window and run adb install -r /projects/mobile-android-hello-world/target/mobile-android-java-basic.apk command to see the changes.
    Alt text
# Description Command
1 Build and run cd ${current.project.path} && mvn clean install
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