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Provides a useful script to develop C/C++ programs for the esp8266 or esp32 with the official espressif SDKs
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ESP development

This repository provides a simple script to make the development for the ESP8266 or the ESP32 a bit more handful.

After you cloned this repository you need to run ./ install once to initiate the SDK and to download the official espressif toolchain.

What the script does

All command are available for both SDKs RTOS and NONOS(non os). For a full list of available commands simple run ./ without arguments or ./ --help.

install command

  1. Install the xtensa-lx106-elf-linux64 toolchain, you can specify the version with the environment variable TOOLCHAIN_VERSION or via TOOLCHAIN_VERSION in
  2. Initiate git submodules, if required
  3. Update to the latest version 3 NONOS and RTOS SDK or the selected branch by *_SDK_BRANCH, see inc/install/ for details
  4. Generate a symlink for python2 for the PATH environment variable, since some official simple invoke python not python2
  5. Fix shebank on all python files (They use and require python2)
  6. Create a project directory inside of the RTOS SDK

run command

  1. Set the $PATH variable to contain the python symlink and the toolchain
  2. Set the $IDF_PATH variable to the selected SDK root
  3. Set the $PS1_EXPAND variable to an indicator string for the selected SDK
  4. Changes to the SDK root directory or the selected project(if specified via command line argument)
  5. Start a new shell with all variables set

gen command

  1. Ask for the project name if not provided via command line argument
  2. Generate a new directory for the new project
  3. Generate required directory structure for the new project
  4. Copy all required Makefiles and so on
  5. Run git init inside of the new create project
  6. Get a proper .gitignore and make initial commit
  7. All things the run command does


Simple run ./ without argument to see all avail options.


Add $PS1_EXPAND anywhere to your shell PROMPT/PS1 in your local .bashrc or .zshrc. This will show you in indicator, when developing :) .


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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