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Repository with Code for Applications of the "Conditional Density Estimation Tools in Python and R" paper
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CDE Methods Applications: Photo-z, LFI and Spec-Z Estimation

Repository with code for examples (Section 4) of the "Conditional Density Estimation Tools in Python and R with Applications to Photometric Redshifts and Likelihood-Free Cosmological Inference" paper.
Folders are arranged in the same way as the example section in the paper:

  • photometric_redshift_teddy is the code for photo-z estimation with TEDDY catalogue A and B (section 4.1);
  • lfi_cosmological_inference is the code for LFI for \Omega_M and \sigma_8 parameters examples using Galsim toolkit (section 4.2);
  • spec_z_estimation is the code for the perturbed SDSS 6 spectra and spec-z classification (section 4.3).

To reproduce the results please see the README in the respective folder.

The methods can be found at the following repositories:

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