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Versioning Guidelines

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Version History

Waterfox follows the Mozilla rapid release cycle for its releases. Every 6 weeks or so, a new version of Waterfox is made available, generally featuring security and bug fixes.

Browser Version
Waterfox 5–9
Waterfox 10–16
Waterfox 17–23
Waterfox 24–30
Waterfox 31–37
Waterfox 38–44
Waterfox 45–51
Waterfox 52–56
Waterfox 68

Traditionally this would follow an incremental sequence based version of X.Y.Z where:

X = Main version release
Y = Feature release
Z = Hotfix

Changing Versioning Scheme

Firefox is now moving to a 4 week release cycle and it does not make sense for Waterfox to follow the current versioning scheme it has. As such, the next releases after 56.2.14 and 68.0b1 will follow the date versioning system of YY.MM.X where:

YYYY = Digits of year of release
MM = Two digits of the month of release
X = Hotfix

Addition of Channels

As of the next releases, Waterfox will have two separate channels, one focused on a legacy branch maintaining security and bug fixes and another branch focusing on keeping up to date with the modern web and a fully customisable web browser to go with it. The branches will be named as follows:

Waterfox Classic YYYY.MM.X

This branch is the legacy branch.

Waterfox Current YYYY.MM.X

This branch will be the modern, feature updated branch.

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