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A fork of Jeelab's fantastic RTC library - now including DS3231 (Chronodot) functions
C++ Java
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A Real Time Clock (RTC) Library for DS1307 compatible chips.
Tested to compile under Arduino 1.0, 0023, 0022 and 0021

Also inclues DS1307, DS3231 (Chronodot) and DS3234-SPI specific functions.

Basic functions  (see examples of how to use):
DS1307 specific functions:

DS3231 specific functions:

- Code by JeeLabs
  Released to the public domain! Enjoy!

- Optimized DS1307 code by ADAfruit and others

-  Merged read/write RAM memory functions from:   by  MrAlvin 2012-02-27
-  Merged DS3231 & DS3234 functions from: 
   github/coobro/RTClib  by  MrAlvin 2012-02-27

       Alarm code for DS3231 (Chronodot) heavily used/modified 
	   from Eric Ayars DS3231 library  by  Coobro
	   Eric Ayars code is located at:

-  Chronodot keyword added  by MrAlvin  2012-02-28 

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