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Integration of SimpleTest unit testing with the Kohana PHP Framework
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SimpleTest unit testing module for Kohana

This is a module for the Kohana PHP framework that integrates SimpleTest.

Release 0.2.1+ for Kohana 3 (including 3.1 and 3.2)

Quick Start

  • Download and unpack the module, put it in your modules directory and enable it in your bootstrap file.
  • Go to /simpletest to see a (really ugly) welcome page with a link to a (slightly prettier) demo page.
  • Create your own tests in a directory 'simpletests' in your application directory.
  • Use the link on the welcome page to run your tests.
  • That's it! No PEAR, no command line, just Simple Unit Testing. Oh and there's an excellent remote web test suite and a few other goodies thrown in...

More information

Documentation and support for this module can be found on Github. Support for SimpleTest can be found on the SimpleTest site.


The SimpleTest module is copyright 2011 Mr Anchovy

Kohana is copyright 2008-2011 Kohana Team

SimpleTest is copyright ???

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