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Fake SMTP server for developers - Catches emails sent via SMTP an puts them in a temp directory so you don't send people emails by accident
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SMTP Impostor Icon

smtp-impostor v3.0

Fake SMTP server for developers - Catches emails sent via SMTP an puts them in a temp directory so you don't send people emails by accident

in development, but works now

worker written in c# dotnet core 3, the ui (wip) will need npm to build

available scripts /.deploy

  1. /.deploy/build.ps1 builds worker project and publishes to /dist.
    • Run the SMTP.Impostor.Worker.exe to run as a console
  2. /.deploy/install.ps1 builds and installs as windows service
    • requires admin elevation and request user to run service as
  3. /.deploy/uninstall.ps1 uninstalls the installed service
    • requires admin elevation

{id}.eml files are dropped in {Drive}\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\Temp\Impostor\, windows 10 mail app can open them, otherwise you will need thunderbird or outlook desktop

once running the admin ui (wip) is available through a browser https://localhost:62525, you can install it as a web app if you are using a browser that supports progressive web apps (pwa)

SMTP Impostor UI

SMTP Impostor UI

using in unit tests

public void catch_emails_with_impostor()

  var hostSettings = new SMTPImpostorHostSettings(
            ip: "",
            port: 52525);

  SMTPImpostorMessage messages = null;

  using var host = GetSMTPImpostorHost(hostSettings);
  using var events = host.Events
          .Subscribe(e => message = e.Data);

  using var client = new SmtpClient(hostSettings.HostName, hostSettings.Port);
  using var mailMessage = new MailMessage
      From = new MailAddress(""),
      Subject = "SUBJECT",


  Assert.AreNotEqual(0, message.Headers);

ISMTPImpostorHost GetSMTPImpostorHost(
    SMTPImpostorHostSettings hostSettings)
    var services = new ServiceCollection()

    var hostProvider = services.GetRequiredService<ISMTPImpostorHostProvider>();
    var host = hostProvider.CreateHost(hostSettings);

    return host;
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