A quick simple lightweight wiki-style task manager. All your tasks in plain text.
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Taskpaper+ :: More Stuff, Less Fluff!

Taskpaper+ Screenshot


A simple, easy to use plain text file-based, task management, web application. It offers superb ways of filtering, grouping, searching for and managing your tasks. But ultimately 'all you tasks belong you', so everything is stored in a straight forward text file format. (Just like this file!) Tasks are created and edited directly in the text file, either in the application or in an editor of your choice.

There's plenty of help information in the help.html, faq.html, and search.html files; sometimes it's worth reading the manuals, they are not that long!

All credit goes to the original Taskpaper application for the inspiration and ideas...but none of the code!

IMPORTANT : If you are looking for a portable, stand-alone version with its own web server then head over to the taskpaperplus-server repository and download that one instead. This includes a pre-configured Nginx web server with PHP 5.4, and a easy Start/Stop GUI. Works well with Dokuwiki too if you happen to use that as well like me!


If you like Taskpaper+ and would like to show a little appreciation for the many hours of development, then feel free to donate whatever your little heart moves you to do!

Donate to Taskpaper+


All modern software is written "standing on the shoulders of giants", thanks to many helpful manual writers, help/FAQ/blog pages, and a wealth of ideas and tips obtained from others on the web (got to love Stack Overflow!), and hours of 'Googling' which made this application possible. Many thanks for sharing!

Including but not restricted to:

  • Hogbay's Taskpaper (original idea)
  • Taskpaper.web (the motivation)
  • jQuery plus jEditable, jAddress, jHotKeys; and jQuery.ui (wonderful tools)
  • a simple PHP template engine I came across on a forum...

Plus some wonderful tools:

  • PHP 5.4, xdebug, webgrind, phpconsole
  • Git version control
  • GitHub for Windows
  • Console2 (to manage Git)
  • Netbeans 7.3 IDE
  • Notepad++ (testing php functions, and writing help files)
  • Chrome: great web dev tools and xdebug plugin

License: The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright: Symon Bent 2013