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//Kronkus localization
#autoLOC_KRON0000 = You resist the urge to quench your thirst, and collect a sample of the liquid.
#autoLOC_KRON0001 = You collect a sample which contains ice and pebbles.
#autoLOC_KRON0002 = You collect a sample of the soil. You leave the worms in for extra science!
#autoLOC_KRON0003 = The soil here seems rich and loamy. You include several local plant specimens.
#autoLOC_KRON0004 = You collect a sample of dessicated soil.
#autoLOC_KRON0005 = You collect a sample of partially frozen soil.
#autoLOC_KRON0006 = Will this sample explain the origins of this mysterious continent? There is much science to do!
#autoLOC_KRON0007 = You collect a sample of the icy surface.
#autoLOC_KRON0008 = The soil here consists of light colored highly dense pebbles and sand.
#autoLOC_KRON0009 = The soil here seems to be ancient. You collect a sample.
#autoLOC_KRON0010 = The surface here consists of rubble, sand, and dust. You expertly select a sample sized sample.
#autoLOC_KRON0011 = You aren't quite sure what to make of this soil sample. You process and catalog your find.
#autoLOC_KRON0012 = The sample is a fine grained powder, having a gritty oily consistency when compressed. You were warned of it's volatile nature and treat it with respect as you carefully run through the collection and cataloging checklist.
#autoLOC_KRON0013 = The sample you collect suggests that the surface of the planet at this altitude is some sort of non-Newtonian fluid, but it is very stiff due to the low temperatures.
#autoLOC_KRON0014 = The sample seems to have melted into a liquid in your pocket. Interesting.
#autoLOC_KRON0015 = You collect a sample of the green substance, it sublimates and fills your container with an unknown gas.
#autoLOC_KRON0016 = You collect a sample of the blue surface material. So this is where they get that blue stuff in re-usable icepacks!
#autoLOC_KRON0017 = The crew is in full mutiny mode. We probably shouldn't be here.
#autoLOC_KRON0018 = The sounds of plasma jets pulsing outside the craft are rather concerning.
#autoLOC_KRON0019 = The crew reports mesmerizing swirling pink clouds over a deep blue haze while floating in their tin can over Kronkus.
#autoLOC_KRON0020 = This is the crew reporting in from high in space over Kronkus. From our interplanetary spaceship. Like a boss.
#autoLOC_KRON0021 = The crew reports that the peaks are indeed jagged!
#autoLOC_KRON0022 = The crew reports back with news of land that is astonishingly Kerbinlike!
#autoLOC_KRON0023 = The crew reports amazing views over the oceans of Kersex!
#autoLOC_KRON0024 = The crew reports sighting grasses and various plant life below!
#autoLOC_KRON0025 = Crew reporting in while flying low over the deserts of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0026 = Crew reporting in while flying low over the Arctican continent!
#autoLOC_KRON0027 = The crew reports an the amazing continent that was possibly formed by an impact event!
#autoLOC_KRON0028 = The crew reports that the poles are covered in ice.
#autoLOC_KRON0029 = The crew is reporting in while flying high over the Peaks of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0030 = The crew reports favorable drag in the atmosphere while flying over the heights of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0031 = The crew is reporting in from high over the ocean of Kersex!
#autoLOC_KRON0032 = The crew reports low lying lands covered in luscious vegetation on Kersex!
#autoLOC_KRON0033 = The crew reports in with news of a vast inland desert on Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0034 = Crew reporting in from high in the atmosphere over Kersex. It's cold here.
#autoLOC_KRON0035 = The crew confirms the existence of a mysterious ringed geological feature while flying high over Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0036 = Crew reporting in while flying high over the poles of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0037 = The crew reports in with is latest observations while in space above Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0038 = The crew confirms that Kersex does indeed resemble Kerbin. Even in real life.
#autoLOC_KRON0039 = The crew confirms that the your spacecraft does indeed FLOAT!
#autoLOC_KRON0040 = The crew reports in with tales of amazing views from the peaks of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0041 = Crew reporting in from the beautiful heights of Kersex!
#autoLOC_KRON0042 = The crew report is -Nominal- from the lowlands on Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0043 = The crew reports a lack of water on the surface of the Kersex Desert.
#autoLOC_KRON0044 = The crew reports that the ground is nice and solid at Arctica on Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0045 = The crew reports their suspicions of terraforming but confirms that they are unconfirmed.
#autoLOC_KRON0046 = The crew reports that it is cold, and there is lots of ice on the surface of the poles at Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0047 = The crew reports that the amazing views from high over Meelo are better for moral than the blackness of deep space.
#autoLOC_KRON0048 = You look down at the surface. The lack of craters suggest a young age.
#autoLOC_KRON0049 = You look up and search the sky for Kersex. Suddenly, you feel very confused.
#autoLOC_KRON0050 = You start to say something dramatic and poignant about the plight of Kerbal-kind in this grand universe, only to be cut off by random radio chatter that the controller is experiencing déjà vu.
#autoLOC_KRON0051 = The sheen of the ice crystals sparkling below is mesmerizing.
#autoLOC_KRON0052 = You look down at Scool from your spaceship. The lack of craters would normally suggest a young age, but the appearance of the surface suggests a slow dessication over eons.
#autoLOC_KRON0053 = Crew reporting in, safe on the surface of Scool's Icebowls. The crew wishes to thank the Kerbal Knitters Assoc. for the blankets. They have came in handy.
#autoLOC_KRON0054 = Crew reporting in, safe on the surface of Scool's Highlands. The crew wishes to thank the Kerbal SqueakyKlean Assoc. for insisting that 500 precious grams be allocated to a broom. It has came in handy.
#autoLOC_KRON0055 = Crew reporting in, safe on the surface of Scool's Midlands. The crew wishes to thank the Kerbal Konfectioneers Assoc. for their fierce and successful campaign to replace all plastic items with candy replicas.
#autoLOC_KRON0056 = It reminds you of Minmus, but less flat, and more green.
#autoLOC_KRON0057 = The lack of craters on Eahpeh suggests recent geologic activity.
#autoLOC_KRON0058 = The crew is enjoying their mission. Blue is very soothing to kerbals.
#autoLOC_KRON0059 = You take interesting scientific notes pertaining to the vast icesheet of Eahpeh.
#autoLOC_KRON0060 = You are flying in lala land! You seem to suffer a narcosis as the pressure intensifies around you.
#autoLOC_KRON0061 = The odds are against you, and the situation is grim.
#autoLOC_KRON0062 = You try not to think of the astronomical odds that you will ever get home again. Perhaps the odds of contemplating such a thing in such a place evens things out though.
#autoLOC_KRON0063 = You peer down at the angry looking swirling white clouds.
#autoLOC_KRON0064 = You can make out swirling vortexes of a pink material floating above a deep blue abyss encompassed by violet rings on Kronkus. As well as a few interesting planetoids orbiting nearby.
#autoLOC_KRON0065 = You are flying!
#autoLOC_KRON0066 = You make note of your hope that there is some kind of a plan here.
#autoLOC_KRON0067 = You peer down at the terra planet below and pick out several sites for your future vacation home.
#autoLOC_KRON0068 = It looks like Kerbin, but the terrain is decidedly foreign.
#autoLOC_KRON0069 = You start to wonder if there is anything else swimming in this ocean.
#autoLOC_KRON0070 = I think I can see the site of my future vacation home from here!
#autoLOC_KRON0071 = This very much reminds you of home. You start to feel very homesick, but with a slight immigrant mentality.
#autoLOC_KRON0072 = You find a quiet spot to open your message from mission control- Your request for early retirement has been denied.
#autoLOC_KRON0073 = You rate the amazement factor a 10 out of 10.
#autoLOC_KRON0074 = From this vantage point you are able to discern amazing detail on Meelo's surface below.
#autoLOC_KRON0075 = The gray scale palette of Meelo has a pleasing contrast to Kronkus' purple rings.
#autoLOC_KRON0076 = The term "Dusty Snowball" has taken a relativistic turn, as Scool appears to be quite literally dust, and ice.
#autoLOC_KRON0077 = Ice, and dusty dunes, you ponder the plight of Scool as a dessicated snowball.
#autoLOC_KRON0078 = The dust adheres to everything down here! It has an oily-gritty consistency once it smears onto or into anything.
#autoLOC_KRON0079 = Your acrophobia is balanced with awe as you float high above Eahpeh.
#autoLOC_KRON0080 = You take note of the vast monotone ice sheet below.
#autoLOC_KRON0081 = It's very blue here!
#autoLOC_KRON0082 = Eahpeh is very green, with slight hints of blue, and sparkles!
#autoLOC_KRON0083 = The Goo seems to have formed into a sphere.
#autoLOC_KRON0084 = The Goo appears to have started a coagulation process.
#autoLOC_KRON0085 = The Goo appears apprehensive and has changed it's color to a violet hue.
#autoLOC_KRON0086 = The Goo shows minor signs of activity.
#autoLOC_KRON0087 = The Goo escapes!
#autoLOC_KRON0088 = The Goo hesitates for just a split second, and then escapes!
#autoLOC_KRON0089 = The Goo revels in it's newfound freedom, and escapes!
#autoLOC_KRON0090 = The Goo seems quite content floating in micro-gravity.
#autoLOC_KRON0091 = The Goo floats away, making a leisurely escape.
#autoLOC_KRON0092 = The Goo seems confused, and shows no response when exposed to the high altitude environment.
#autoLOC_KRON0093 = The Goo seems to be afraid of heights, and doesn't make any noteworthy actions.
#autoLOC_KRON0094 = The Goo escapes! A short time later the goo returns appearing slightly resentful, and dehydrated.
#autoLOC_KRON0095 = You release The Goo. It makes a few chortling sounds as it oozes away.
#autoLOC_KRON0096 = It takes awhile until you observe any observable actions, but before you know it, you turn to find The Goo has made a reluctant escape.
#autoLOC_KRON0097 = The Goo makes an extremely rapid escape!
#autoLOC_KRON0098 = The Goo appears frozen in place.
#autoLOC_KRON0099 = The Goo seems impressed as it makes it's escape.
#autoLOC_KRON0100 = The Goo changes hue to a monotone gray as if to camouflage it's escape.
#autoLOC_KRON0101 = The Goo forms into a solid sphere.
#autoLOC_KRON0102 = The Goo forms into an erratically shaped, but mostly smooth, solid blob.
#autoLOC_KRON0103 = The Goo forms into an tear shaped solid blob, with spiky projections.
#autoLOC_KRON0104 = The Goo crystallizes into a solid crystalline structure.
#autoLOC_KRON0105 = The Goo gyrates logarithmically.
#autoLOC_KRON0106 = The Goo increases gyrations at an increasing frequency as the goo nears Scool.
#autoLOC_KRON0107 = After making contact with the surface The Goo produces a violent exothermic reaction and vanishes in a dusty *poof*
#autoLOC_KRON0108 = The Goo produces an exothermic reaction upon contact with the surface. It slowly fizzles away leaving a dusty residue.
#autoLOC_KRON0109 = The Goo warms slightly and sublimates into space.
#autoLOC_KRON0110 = The Goo seems curious, and changes hues to match the blue green moon below.
#autoLOC_KRON0111 = You make notes of interesting contortions displayed by The Goo as your spacecraft nears Eahpeh.
#autoLOC_KRON0112 = The Goo changes consistency and forms aggregate lumpy nodules.
#autoLOC_KRON0113 = The Goo alters it's form and color to match the blue slushy landscape and escapes.
#autoLOC_KRON0114 = Most of the materials dissipate as soon as they were exposed to the low Kronkian atmosphere.
#autoLOC_KRON0115 = The intense environment of the swiftly moving atmosphere all but vaporises most of the samples.
#autoLOC_KRON0116 = The readout displays the message "Good Morning J3b." You aren't quite sure how you feel.
#autoLOC_KRON0117 = The materials have jumbled into disarray.
#autoLOC_KRON0118 = The turbulent atmosphere shakes the lab around and you are unable to make many scientific observations.
#autoLOC_KRON0119 = The materials perform nominally for the most part, except for a few interesting anomalies. You take careful notes.
#autoLOC_KRON0120 = You watch your step as you take notes of the reactions the materials undergo when exposed to the high altitude environment.
#autoLOC_KRON0121 = You steal some time to look around at the scenery as the materials process.
#autoLOC_KRON0122 = Sparks of electricity arcs are spectacularly emitted from the instrument after activation.
#autoLOC_KRON0123 = Running tests here VOIDs all warranties, but you decide to run them anyway, because you are not at home.
#autoLOC_KRON0124 = The sample tests are ran through in an extremely nominal manner. Whats next on the agenda?
#autoLOC_KRON0125 = The samples seem to react in a rather sluggish way.
#autoLOC_KRON0126 = The materials act it a nominal way, mostly.
#autoLOC_KRON0127 = The water sample is frozen solid. Other samples samples react to the frigid conditions in various ways.
#autoLOC_KRON0128 = Oh great! Now there is Meelo dust everywhere!
#autoLOC_KRON0129 = The samples behave normally, except for a few complex molecules which exhibit an exothermic reaction.
#autoLOC_KRON0130 = You hum a soothing tune as the samples are processed.
#autoLOC_KRON0131 = The low gravity has caused some of the crystalline samples to exhibit remarkable growth characteristics.
#autoLOC_KRON0132 = The temperature from the Peaks of Kersex is a little frigid for your tastes.
#autoLOC_KRON0133 = The temperature here is mild, but not at all unpleasant compared to the vacuum of space.
#autoLOC_KRON0134 = The average water temperature on Kersex appears to be a few degrees cooler than Kerbin's oceans.
#autoLOC_KRON0135 = Temperatures read nominal from the Deserts of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0136 = You have a hard time believing that you are so far from your sun, and still getting temperature readings this nominal.
#autoLOC_KRON0137 = Temperature readings are pretty cold from Arctica, the tundra continent of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0138 = The temperature here is very comfortable.
#autoLOC_KRON0139 = It's freezing here!
#autoLOC_KRON0140 = The density of the atmosphere is causing problems with the readings.
#autoLOC_KRON0141 = The gases start out very thin but they thicken as you enter the clutches of the Kronkian atmosphere.
#autoLOC_KRON0142 = The atmosphere thickens sufficiently enough at this altitude that wings and parachutes should work great!
#autoLOC_KRON0143 = The atmosphere seems to have stratified layers of atmosphere that are notably different than Kerbin.
#autoLOC_KRON0144 = The instrument fills with water and gives erroneous readings.
#autoLOC_KRON0145 = The atmosphere is a bit thin up here on the Peaks of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0146 = Barometer is reading close to 1 ATM pressure. Our heads probably won't explode if we take off our helmets, probably.
#autoLOC_KRON0147 = Readings confirm that there is no atmosphere on Meelo.
#autoLOC_KRON0148 = You think you saw the instrument read something other than zero. Mission control informs you that they might be transient gases.
#autoLOC_KRON0149 = The barometer reads NaN.
#autoLOC_KRON0150 = The instrument has been destroyed, You collect all the data you can.
#autoLOC_KRON0151 = It takes a second to recalibrate the unit to a useful range, but after a few firmware updates you collect some interesting readings.
#autoLOC_KRON0152 = Variations in gravitational fields reveal a complex interior structure surrounding a molten core on Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0153 = Sensor detects changes to local gravity fields as the moon rotates, and revolves around the gas giant.
#autoLOC_KRON0154 = Sensor detects a massive mass beneath the surface of the Henge on Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0155 = The detailed gravitational scans reveal complex interactions between the moons and gas giant.
#autoLOC_KRON0156 = After exhaustive scans you determine that you can jump just a little bit higher on Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0157 = You make detailed scans of the gravitational fields surrounding Meelo.
#autoLOC_KRON0158 = After running your scans you determine that Meelo is much less dense than previously believed.
#autoLOC_KRON0159 = You can tell from the readout that lower gravitational fields match up pretty well to the high peaks on Scool.
#autoLOC_KRON0160 = Scans provide interesting results pertaining to the interior of Scool.
#autoLOC_KRON0161 = Scans indicate that the interior of the moon is a slightly liquid, slightly frozen mush.
#autoLOC_KRON0162 = Scans indicate rolling gravitational waves associated with tidal flows from the moon's interior.
#autoLOC_KRON0163 = The sensor detects a few minor quakes. Kersex does appear to have active plate tectonics.
#autoLOC_KRON0164 = Scans indicate a radiating fracture pattern in the crust that permeates the crust of Kersex in this region.
#autoLOC_KRON0165 = The sensor detects a few impacts on the surface of Meelo, helping scientists get a better picture of what the interior of the moon is made up of.
#autoLOC_KRON0166 = Scans detect minor seismic activity deep within Scool.
#autoLOC_KRON0167 = Scans indicate that this site is a giant active cryo-volcano.
#autoLOC_KRON0168 = The instrument goes wild detecting many quakes of the ice-sheet, you can actually feel the ground shaking through your boots.
#autoLOC_KRON0169 = You scanner is torn asunder by the intense motion of supercritical gases.
#autoLOC_KRON0170 = Some of the gases have gone super-critical under intense pressure and shorted out the electronics on your scanner.
#autoLOC_KRON0171 = The high atmosphere of Kronkus is composed mostly of hydrogen, nitrogen, and helium, with a trace amounts of various other compounds.
#autoLOC_KRON0172 = The atmosphere at this altitude is a bit rarefied.
#autoLOC_KRON0173 = You detect high humidity over the water.
#autoLOC_KRON0174 = You detect low humidity over the Deserts of Kersex.
#autoLOC_KRON0175 = You detect mostly nitrogen, and oxygen. Very similar to Kerbin with only minor differences.
#autoLOC_KRON0176 = You detect a layer of fluorocarbons in the atmosphere at this altitude. They must act as a blanket holding in heat keeping the planet from becoming an iceball.
#autoLOC_KRON0177 = Kronkus is a humongous, violet hued, ball of swirling gases. The actual number of rings around Kronkus has become a favorite point of conjecture among Kerbal Astronomers. Some estimates of the number of rings range as high as 200, other Kerbal scientists take a more conservative, and pragmatic approach, arguing that the actual number of rings didn't matter, it was more about the aesthetics, and emphasized lens cleanliness awareness.
#autoLOC_KRON0178 = Eahpeh was the last of the Kronkian moons to be discovered. This tiny shepherd moon's existence was overlooked for quite a while by the bewildered scientists, dazzled by wonders nearby. Eahpeh was finally confirmed as an actual moon of Kronkus after a disgruntled poster salesman wrote the Kerbal Space Agency complaining about a so called 'stray dot' totally ruining the aesthetics of his most popular poster. The print is still his best seller.
#autoLOC_KRON0179 = Kersex was kept secret for many years after it's discovery in order to keep it an exclusive vacation destination. Someone blabbed.
#autoLOC_KRON0180 = Meelo is a large monotone moon orbiting Kronkus. This sensible moon was voted home to "The most stunning views in the Kronkus system" three years running! Scandal erupted shortly after it was discovered that the voting had been tampered with.
#autoLOC_KRON0181 = Scool is the furthest out Kronkian moon, and is usually referred to as "The dusty snowball moon of Kronkus" for obvious reasons. Some hold out hope that it will be recognized as the most wonderful skiing destination in all of the Kerbol system, others argue that that notion might be a little far fetched due to it's lack of atmosphere. It's lack of atmosphere, however, allows periodic, unobstructed, spectacular views of the seemingly choreographed dance of the Kronkian moons.
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