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This a simple ShareX server so I can upload images and files on my own domain/server.
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Simple uploader site with sharex support for uploading files,images, and text files. This is open source and free to use.

This is made by Nathan Henniges

Download and Setup

You can now download the release here

To help with Development of this project you can.

Please read the setup guide writed here

Want help develop?

You can use this command to start up with nodemon so you can work on it and test.

npm run dev-web



  • Added last login IP
  • Added signup IP
  • Streamer mode has been added in the users settings. It will stop leaks for both the user and if they have admin others as well.
  • You can now ban and unban users. Comfirm the ban of a user has been added.
  • You can also suspend users 24 hours , a week, and even a month. With unsuspend
  • Now you can make yourself the first admin by going to /admin. If the email matchs the one in the env then it will change the account to admin (This is safe as the email has to be verifyed anyways which makes sure its yours.)
  • API has changed file and image route to just be as one.
  • Changed createdAt to uploaded in lisings
  • Changed share to file in the lisings.
  • You can now limit the size of each upload by default its 100M
  • Fixed dashboard so it will add a 's' when there is more the one user or upload
  • Changed terms on users manger page. Admin is not role which will display there role either admin or user
  • Changed 'Activated' to 'Role' and 'Admin' to 'Status'
  • Added Bannned or Suspended and Activate and Unactivated to status.
  • Removed last login from both database and user manger.
  • Changed text from 'Create user' to 'Create new user' in admin users.
  • Fixed the link in the admin nav gallery. Now it links to the gallery
  • Fixed the navbar in admin gallery as it was linking the wrong one.


  • Removed File and Text views
  • Removed Removed text support due to others being better. (You should use github gists if anything.)

Check out the rest of the change logs here


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Copyright and License

Copyright 2019 MrDemonWolf. Code released under the MIT license.

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