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For Update to New Release

For those who are using the previous v1.12.1 version, update to v1.13.1 is simple. donwload this release. Change ownership of all binaries to root:root

and run the following commands:

sudo systemctl stop docker

sudo cp pathToNewBinaries/* /usr/bin/

sudo systemctl start docker

docker info

and you will see 1.13.1 is running.

For First Time Install

For ODROID-C2 users using the Armbian Jessie server, (the docker engine) is not available in the repository meaning that you cannot apt-get install docker.

I have made available the docker v1.12.1 binaries for you. The binaries have been tested on both ODROID-C2 armbian xenial and jessie servers.

The script requires root to run. You can simulate the installation and find out what commands it executes by changing to the arm64-docker-binaries directory and issue the command:

sudo ./ -s

Once you are satisfied with it, issue the command:

sudo ./

When it finished, reboot. When it comes up, issue command:

sudo docker info

Note that this script assumes that you do not have docker installed on your system. However, it can also be used for upgrading your system from a previous version of docker to 1.12.1. In that case, you must stop docker before executing the script by issuing the command:

sudo systemctl stop docker.service

To avoid having to use sudo with each docker command, add group docker to your login as follows:

sudo usermod -aG docker your_login


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