Meet Drape!

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What is Drape?

Drape - it's a little bit rewritten and adapted version of Draper for Ruby on Rails 5 only.

Reasons of creation the Drape

  1. Original Draper is not compatible with Ruby on Rails 5
  2. Original Draper died. 35 open issues. 36 open pull requests.
  3. Unstable work. Tests is not pass.

What has been done?

  1. Fixed compatibility with Rails 5
  2. Removed "dummy" application and created it on Rails 5
  3. Fixed all tests
  4. Fixed most of Rubocop issues
  5. Integrated Travis CI and CodeClimate
  6. Drape Example Application

What need to do?

  1. Remove old incompatible code. Now Drape support only Rails 5 and Ruby 2.2
  2. Rewrite all tests. Tests structure is little bit outdated
  3. Investigate all PR in Draper repository and merge the best
  4. Happy using Drape in Rails 5 projects :)
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