A grunt project for rapid prototyping, using serve, less watch, and live reload.
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Grunt Prototyping

A grunt project for rapid prototyping using serve, less watch, and live reload.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is based on Tangent Snowball's house styles repo which you can find HERE. The project uses LESS as it's pre-processor of choice. If you would like to remove this (or switch to SASS/Stylus), simply update the Grunfile accordingly.


The following needs to be completed before you can use this repository:

Once these have been installed, clone the repository and cd into it. Then run:

npm install

A node_modules folder will be created. (Please Note: It is advised that the node_modules folder be added to the .gitignore of any project you create using Grunt as it will be created by each user individually via npm install)

You're good to go! Just run:


and you're golden.

Once Grunt is running, it will automatically open a tab in your default browser, and from this point on changing any LESS, JS, or HTML files will results in:

  • Recompiling and compressing of styles
  • Refreshing of the page to show changes

Side note: This project uses LESS as it's CSS preprocessor. If you would like to remove it, or replace it with an alternative like SASS or Stylus, update Gruntfile.js to reflect this (documentation is too long to list for every possible alternative, but NPM will contain instructions on adding each).


If you find anything wrong with the plugin, have issues getting it working, or think of something cool it could do, feel free to submit an issue.