A yeoman setup to generate a standards-compliant project from the command line.
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Yeoman Housestyles

A Yeoman setup to generate a standards-compliant project from the command line with customisable features.
This project is based on the house styles repository by Tangent Snowball, which you can find here

Quick setup

The following needs to be completed before you can use this generator:

  • Install Node (Direct download)
  • Install Yeoman npm install -g yo (this may require sudo)

Once these have been installed, clone the repository and cd into it. Then run:

sudo npm link

This will create a link between this code and Yeoman so it can be recognised as a generator.

You are all set up!

Using the generator:

  • Create a directory and cd into it.
  • run yo housestyles --force (the force is to automate the overriding of the CSS files when they are customised)

You will be presented with a list of options:

  • Name of project (Default: Empty) - This will be used for the <title> attribute and an <h1> on the home page
  • Responsive styles? (Default: True) - Whether to include Tangent Snowball's default responsive styles
  • Features (Default: True) - A checkbox that enables you to select/deselect features for the project. These include:
    • Icomoon (a third-party icon font used in Tangent Snowball's housestyles)
    • Modernizr (a third-party service used for feature detection)
  • LESS Features (Aspects of the standard house styles):
    • Alerts
    • Tabs
    • Icons
    • Popups


If you find anything wrong with the plugin, have issues getting it working, or think of something cool it could do, feel free to submit an issue.