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Un jeu développé par les 100'for CIR
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It's a French game created thanks to Cinder by sophomores at the university. The goal is to use the auras to kill the corresponding enemies, for example the red aura corresponds to the plant waste the game was created on the occasion of the CIRious range organized by our school ISEN LILLE, the goal was to create a game that raises awareness of environmental and social policies.


The game folder is in CINDER \ MyProject

To install the game you have to compile cinder and the game and create a MyProject directory in Cinder and git clone in this directory

How to play ?

Control :

z , Q , S , D to move

Space allows a frame of inviciblity

Shoot with left click

Change aura with right click

Left Shift sprint

In game :

Press play and you have to go to the end of the road on the right and press E, you must have the right aura to kill the enemies, exemple : to kill rose you must use the red aura.


Trailer :


music : Wontolla - Lighter Than Air

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