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ES6 Guide & Comparison With Previous Versions
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ES6 Guide Header

🍭 A Visual Guide To ES6 Features In Comparison With Previous Versions
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ES6 Guide Header

How to Use?

This repository also contains implementation of new ES6 features. Follow the steps below to check them out.

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Go to terminal and run the following command:
npm install
  1. Go to index.html and add the filename in src of <script> tag.
  2. Open Index file and see the results.

Changing The Source Files

Once you make any change to the source file, run following command to transpile.

npm run build


guide-json-file folder contains the JSON File for map. It is made in BALSAMIQ Mockups. Go to Projects >> Import >> Mockup JSON to import the mockup and update it. Upload and Update the images and create a Pull Request.

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