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Order bash to do things by shouting.
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Order bash to do things by shouting.


Typing sudo chmod +x is so boring, isn't it? You really want to chmod that file, so let bash know about it. Be assertive:


That way, bash knows you mean business. Plus, you save yourself three keypresses if you use caps lock, or four(!) if you use shift.

Other features

You can yell type SUDO to get bash to run the last command you wrote with sudo prefixed. After all, forgetting sudo can be very frustrating; you need to let your anger out somehow. A typical usage looks like this:

$ mkdir /bar
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/bar’: Permission denied
[sudo] password for user: 
$ /bar
bash: /bar: Is a directory
$ :)


Run, follow instructions. Running this script will also allow you to update to new versions.

Note: this will append to your ~/.bashrc. A backup of your ~/.bashrc is kept at ~/.bashrc.old if anything goes catastrophically wrong.

Warning: never run scripts without checking them and being certain that they are not malicious.

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