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Deploy Go on AWS Lambda

It is quite simple to deploy the go function on the AWS Lambda using Aws Lambda Go. I'll demonstrate the lambda function using a simple request as input for lambda and return Ok response for this example.


  1. Get the aws lambda tool using.

       go get -u
  2. Create your lambda function.

    // main.go
    package main
    import (
    type Request struct {
    	ID    float64 `json:"id"`
    	Value string  `json:"value"`
    type Response struct {
    	Message string `json:"message"`
    	Ok      bool   `json:"ok"`
    func Handler(request Request) (Response, error) {
    	return Response{
    		Message: fmt.Sprintf("Process Request ID %f", request.ID),
    		Ok:      true,
    	}, nil
    func main() {
    	// Make the handler available for Remote Procedure Call by AWS Lambda
  3. Build your lambda function for linux

    GOOS=linux go build -o main
  4. Set required permission for execution

    sudo chmod +x main
  5. Zip the build

    zip -9 main
  6. Upload to lambda and test using the following event argument.

    	"id": 123,
    	"value": "This is a test value"

    It gives us the following response.

      "message": "Process Request ID 123.000000",
      "ok": true

Further Reading

TLDR; The link to my medium article.

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