The popular game 2048 for the 3DS.(NINJHAX)
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art Minor bug fix! Jan 1, 2015
data Minor bug fix! Jan 1, 2015
source Updated to latest ctrulib (1.1.0). Feb 12, 2016
.gitignore Add gitignore! Dec 2, 2014
2048-3D.3ds Add .3ds version! (Trimed!) Jan 16, 2015
2048-3D.3dsx Updated to latest ctrulib (1.1.0). Feb 12, 2016
2048-3D.cia Add .cia version! Jan 16, 2015
2048-3D.elf Updated to latest ctrulib (1.1.0). Feb 12, 2016
2048-3D.smdh Fix app title! Dec 28, 2014
Makefile 3DS apps now need to be built with -mfloat-abi=hard instead of -mfloa… Aug 15, 2015 Update Aug 15, 2015
create.bat setup for making homebrew version of 2048 Dec 1, 2014
icon.png Improved gfx, spawned tiles now have a animation! Dec 22, 2014


The popular game 2048 now for the 3DS.

This is currently in it's early alpha version, you should always be able to compile the code and use the .3dsx version! If one of these is inpossible please create an isue on this repo so I can fix it.

Currently the project in not yet on github, this will be added sometime soon.


Text version (Skiped)
Add basic GFX (Done)
Animations (Not done)
Add better GFX (Not done)
Polish! (Not done)


  • Jasper Peters (MrJPGames) full game (gfx, code etc.)
  • Darrin Lin (Fancymans) Updating to the latest ctrulib (as of 15-8-15)

All executables except .elf are tested and working! .elf should work as the .cia is made from the .elf but as there is no way to launch .elf files on 3DS right now it cannot be tested on the actual hardware though it does work on emulators like citra.