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Welcome to the UnityREPL wiki!

Some quick demo videos

  • A real-world example, from Hordes of Orcs/iPhone — changing a set of assets to refer to another asset. .mp4
  • When you’re editing snippets of code, you can use tab/shift-tab to indent/unindent either a line, or a block and it all plays fine with things like ‘Select All’, and cut/copy/paste. .mp4
  • Using it as an overpowered calculator — ever wanted to just quickly explore the math behind some quaternion logic just to double-check yourself real quick? Note that the variables survive across multiple snippets of code… .mp4
  • Here’s something a bit more heavy-duty: Creating game objects in the scene, selecting some objects, saving the selection as a variable, and then referring to that variable in code. .mp4
  • What if you just can’t remember the method signature for an API call, and you don’t want to go digging in the docs? Whatever you return gets pretty-printed, and if it’s a type you get a nice C# style output of its members. .mp4
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