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git-template is a tool to provide a somewhat broader templating functionality than the one provided with git itself.

Git templates only relate to files in the .git directory, but git-template templates can include files throughout the working set.

Additionally, git-template provides some out-of-the-box templates, of particular note, ones relevant to Unity3D users, XCode users, and MonoDevelop/Visual Studio users.


Add the git-template/bin directory to your path. For Mac (and Linux/BSD/etc) this can be done by editing the ".profile" file in your home directory. For example, if you installed git-template to ~/Tools/git-template, then you would add this line at the end of your .profile:

export PATH=$PATH:~/Tools/git-template/bin

If you use Unity, see UNITY_README.markdown for further instructions


  • A Unix-like environment, particularly including Bash.
  • Perl
  • Rsync

Note that this was developed/tested under MacOS X, which should work fine out-of-the-box. I have not attempted to use this under Cygwin on Windows, but things should work fine.


cd /path/to/your/git/repo
git template --list


git template SomeTemplateName


git template --info


git template --freshen


Dual licensed under the terms of the MIT X11 or GNU GPL, version 2.0 or newer at your discretion.


  • More rigorous testing of symlink use-cases.
  • Ability to specify removal of files (example: existing hook files in hooks directory, for Unity_Desktop template...).
  • Add git-cleanup script, run it whenever a .gitignore is adjusted.
  • Way to specify some things, such as .gitignore in terms of lines that must/must not be present.
  • Less awkward project structure.
  • Actual test-suite.
  • Installation instructions.