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Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme


This is a fork of B. Poettering's SSSS ("Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme").


This fork exists to simplify the build process a bit, and make minor changes to the tool that will facilitate its use in real-world usage scenarios.

What You Need To Know

Please read B. Poettering's page on SSSS before proceeding. SSSS, like all cryptographic algorithms, can lead to a false sense of security if improperly used. Be sure you understand the role it serves, and the limitations it has before employing it.


This fork is based on ssss-0.5.tar.gz (SHA1: 3f8f5046c2c5c3a2cf1a93f0a9446681852b190e).

Verification and Installation (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Before installing, when cloning this repo, use a signed tag and verify the signature first!

# First, you need to make sure you have the signing key in your GPG keychain:
gpg --keyserver --recv-key 7DCB12A7

# Now, clone the repo, and verify it:
git clone
git tag -v v0.5.6
# You should see output to the effect of:
#   gpg: Signature made <date and time> using RSA key ID 7DCB12A7
#   gpg: Good signature from "Jon Frisby <>"
# If you do NOT see 'Good Signature from "Jon Frisby <>" and
# the RSA key ID 7DCB12A7 then do not proceed with installation!
git checkout v0.5.6 # This will put you in 'detached head' mode, which is fine
                    # but don't make changes as you are no longer on a branch!
# Proceed with build steps from here.  See `` for details.

You can always find my GPG key signature at


This fork follows the same license as the original software: The GPLv2. See LICENSE for more information.