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@devernay devernay released this Dec 11, 2017

  • Binaries distributed through Natron's web site are now built with 8-bit x264. 10-bit x264 (introduced with 2.2.6) causes too many compatibility issues. There are other codecs that support 10-bit output (especially ProRes, vc2, libopenjpeg, libvpx-vp9, and x265 on some systems). In order to get 10-bit x264, it is recommended to encode a quasi-lossless using one of these codecs, and then transcode with a ffmpeg binary capable of encoding 10-bit x264.
  • Work around a possible Qt/Linux bug where tablet events have a negative pressure on Wacom Intuos tablet #1697
  • Binaries: add 10-bit HEVC encoding, Cisco openh264 encoding, VidVox Hap encoding.


  • Upgrade SeExpr to version 2.11.
  • Grade: add a "Normalize" button to automatically compute the clack and white points.
  • Matrix3x3, Matrix5x5: new plugins, apply a 3x3 or 5x5 custom filter.
  • ColorCorrect: Fix wrong render for input values outside the [0-1] range #1703
  • ReadOIIO: Adjust Maximum Thr. (used when reading RAW camera files) should defaut to 0.0 #1705
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@devernay devernay released this Nov 8, 2017

  • Fix computation of remaining time when rendering.
  • Fix loading third-party plugins on Linux #1682


  • ColorLookup: add "Master Curve Mode" parameter, which enable selecting different algorithms to apply the tone curve with more or less color shifting. These curve modes are inspired by RawTherapee. Also add the possibility to compute and display the RGB histogram of the source input.
  • WriteFFmpeg: support 10-bit DNxHR 444 and DNxHR HQX (and fix a related FFmpeg bug).
  • Shadertoy: rework many presets so that they work better with Natron, especially the effects in the Blur, Effect, and Source categories. Most blur effects can also be modulated per-pixel using the "Modulate" input to get Z-dependent blur.
  • Shadertoy: new presets: Blur/Bokeh Disc, Blur/Mipmap Blur, Effect/Anaglyphic, Effect/Bloom Paint, Effect/Sawnbringer 4bit, Effect/Sharpen, Effect/CRT, Effect/Fisheye, Effect/Image Cel Shade, Effect/Kaleidoscope, Effect/Noisy Mirror, Effect/Quad Mirror, Effect/Q*Bert-ify, Effect/Stripes, Effect/Vignette, Source/Cloud, Source/Cloudy Sky, Source/Disks, Source/Fireball, Source/Flash, Source/Seascape, Source/Star Nest, Source/Voronoi
  • Shadertoy: add iChannelOffset extension.
  • LensDistortion: add cropToFormat parameter (true by default), to avoid computing areas outside of the project frame.
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@devernay devernay released this Aug 13, 2017

  • Merge: fix bug #1648, where the alpha from the B input would be used for all consecutive merge operations, rather than updated at each operation.
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@MrKepzie MrKepzie released this Jul 26, 2017

Version 2.3.1

  • Python: Fix the setTable() function of the PathParam class
  • Windows: Fix a bug where most image formats would not read and write correctly
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@devernay devernay released this Jul 4, 2017

  • Fix lots of bugs when loading older Natron project files.
  • Internal changes: implement a new OpenFX multiplane suite.
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@devernay devernay released this Jun 29, 2017

  • Fix a bug where the channel selector would be wrong when loading older projects (e.g. Spaceship).


  • SpriteSheet: convert a sprite sheet to an animation.
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@devernay devernay released this Jun 2, 2017

  • OpenGL interact is now always affected by transforms even if there is motion blur.


  • Radial, Rectangle and generators: when the Extent is set to Size, and Reformat is not checked, Bottom Left and Size can be animated.
  • add Box filter to Transform, CornerPin, GodRays, and all Distortion nodes.
  • ContactSheet, LayerContactSheet: Make a contact sheet from several inputs, frames or layers (beta)
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@devernay devernay released this Apr 15, 2017

  • Reduce noise on the roto shape borders #1594


  • ReadOIIO: fix bug when reading EXRs with datawindow different from displaywindow.
  • (beta feature) Inpaint: New plugin. Inpaint the areas indicated by the Mask input using patch-based inpainting. Please read the plugin documentation.
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@devernay devernay released this Mar 31, 2017

  • Multi-dimensional parameters don't automatically fold into a single dimension, except for scale and size params.
  • Binaries distributed through Natron's web site are now built with 10-bit x264 and 10/12-bit libvpx-vp9 support. That means the produced video files may be unplayable on some hardware (e.g. phones or TVs), but Natron should really be used to produce digital intermediates with the highest possible fidelity, which can then be transcoded to more suitable distribution codecs.
  • Better cache usage for Readers, ReadOIIO does not use the OIIO cache anymore (partly due to OpenImageIO/oiio#1632).
  • Fix a bug where custom OpenFX plugins directories would be ignored #1584
  • Add a documentation chapter on importing camera data from PanoTools-based software (PTGui, PTAssembler, Hugin).


  • WriteFFmpeg: the preferred pixel coding and bit depth can now be selected, which is very useful for codecs that propose multiple pixel formats (e.g. ffv1, ffvhuff, huffyuv, jpeg2000, mjpeg, mpeg2video, vc2, libopenjpeg, png, qtrle, targa, tiff, libschroedinger, libtheora, libvpx, libvpx-vp9, libx264, libx265).
  • WriteFFmpeg: Bitrate-based (VBR) encoding was removed from the following codecs in favor of quality-based (VBR) encoding, mainly because it should be used in 2-pass mode (using handbrake or the ffmpeg command-line tool): mpeg4, mpeg2video, mpeg1video, flv.
  • ColorCorrect: changed the Contrast formula to make adjustments more intuitive, see - this may affect existing projects that used the previously buggy Contrast parameter.
  • LensDistortion: add PanoTools/PTGui/PTAssembler/Hugin model.
  • Card3D can now import/export chan files from Natron, Nuke, 3D-Equalizer, Maya, etc., and txt files from Boujou.
  • Card3D and CornerPin: only show things that are in front of the camera. In cornerPin, point 1 is always considered to be in front.
  • Noise, Plasma: result is now reproductible (a given render always gives the same result).
  • ReadOIIO: add advanced options for reading RAW files.
  • STMap: Use the format of the Source input rather than its RoD to determine the texture size (useful when using an STMap written by LensDistortion).
  • SmoothBilateral, SmoothBilateralGuided, SmoothRollingGuidance: The Value Std Dev. was clamped by CImg to a rather high value (0.1), making the filters almost useless. Fixed.
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@devernay devernay released this Feb 17, 2017

  • Fix undo when manipulating 2D points in the viewer interact #1576
  • Fix manipulating the interact plugin on non-retiming inputs of retiming effects (e.g. the Retime Map in Slitscan) #1577
  • Fix exporting curves to ascii (eg ColorLookup), and values for xstart, xincr and xend can now be simple expressions.


  • DenoiseSharpen: the output is now the noisy source when Noise Analysis is not locked. It is easier to see where there is noise that way, and it also makes the plugin usable in Resolve (which calls render even if non-significant parameters are changed)
  • Generators now may set the output format when Extent=Size (as they do when Extent=Format or Extent=Project).
  • Rework many plugins so that they work better in DaVinci Resolve (all generators including Radial and Rectangle, CopyRectangle, DenoiseSharpen, LensDistortion, HSVTool, ImageStatistics, Position)
  • Card3D (beta): Transform and image as if it were projected on a 3D card.
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