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Dell N5110 - can't get basics to work on Oneiric #218

cefn opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi, thanks for all your work on making Optimus available for Linux. I'm using the Ironhide PPA, added ironhide-ui to my system, restarted and then launched

sudo ironhide-configuration

The configuration utility first attempted to run glxgears when it wasn't installed, so I installed mesa-utils and reran the same command.

No gears showed up, and no extra information seemed to be available to say why. I think I'm doing the right thing by reporting it here. Let me know what I should run to diagnose further. It's stock Oneiric out of the box on a Dell N5110 (Q15R) with a NVidia Geforce GT 525M.


One extra thing to note - I originally installed the NVidia drivers following the instructions of 'Jockey' the 'Additional Drivers' wizard in Ubuntu, before figuring out that this was the worst thing ever...

I tried to reverse the changes, (including removing xorg.conf entirely) but not really sure what Jockey would have done under the hood which I might need to mess with.


Running glxgears gives me

cefn@cefn-oneiric-dell:~$ glxgears
Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual

Running optirun glxgears gives me

cefn@cefn-oneiric-dell:~$ optirun glxgears
2900 frames in 5.0 seconds = 579.893 FPS
Another ironhide powered application is running, keeping ironhide alive.

Incidentally I don't think Ironhide should be staying alive, unless the configuration utility crashed before and left a lock open, there should be no other processes depending on Ironhide at all. It's the first time ever which I've run optirun, so can't be another process there.


Try Bumblebee as described in (for upgrading, see If you follow the instructions on removing Ironhide carefully and then install Bumblebee, the RGB, Doubl... error should be gone.


OK, I was following Ironhide as a longer-term target with MrMEEE no longer working on Bumblebee, but perhaps Bumblebee will also be maintained. I'll try it out.

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