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wine apps crash under multi-arch VirtualGL #51

rockorequin opened this Issue September 03, 2011 · 11 comments

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rockorequin Martin Juhl

I've got VirtualGL version 2.2.90-1~oneiricubuntu8 and nvidia-current 280.13-0ubuntu2 installed on 64 bit oneiric, and wine consistently report crashes of apps like explorer.exe, wineboot.exe with the message "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'rrerror'".

Sometimes there's a backtrace:

0 0xf77b8430 __kernel_vsyscall+0x10() in [vdso].so
1 0xf73cdc4f gsignal+0x4e() in (0x7c920f18)
2 0xf73d1175 abort+0x174() in (0x7c920f18)
11 0xf771884d in (+0xa084c) (0x0033f3bc)
12 0xf73d2831 in (+0x32830) (0xf7515324)
13 0xf73d28bd exit+0x2c() in (0x0033f4f0)
14 0x7ef8d828 NtTerminateProcess+0xb7(handle=0xffffffff, exit_code=0) [/home/rocko/src/wine-git/dlls/ntdll/process.c:63] in ntdll (0x0033f4f0)

and so it seems to be when the exe terminates. It doesn't stop the actual application (game, explorer.exe, whatever) from running, but makes lots of annoying 'The application X has crashed' popups appear.

Is this a known issue? Is it one that should be reported directly to VirtualGL? It is only happening in the multi-arch VirtualGL that I installed from the ironhide PPA.



ie I guess what I'm asking is are the modifications needed in virtualgl to support multiarch part of the upstream release, or were they applied by the ironhide project?


Actually, it's not just 32 bit wine apps that crash when closing. glxspheres also crashes when you close it. optirun reports:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'rrerror'
/usr/bin/optirun: line 118: 13815 Aborted (core dumped) vglrun -c $VGL_COMPRESS -d $VGL_DISPLAY -ld "$VGL_DRIVER" "$@"

After the crash you have to manually kill the processes that are left over and shut down the nvidia card.

Martin Juhl

I'll upgrade to oneiric very soon, and will look into it then..


I can't recommend upgrading right now. unity-compiz is pretty unstable, and gnome-shell isn't much better. It was much more stable at Beta1 than now :(


Fwiw, the compiz instability problems might have been caused by So far it seems much better now that I've disabled that setting (ie set /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options/show_minimized_windows = false) and restarted unity.


It is now fixed in the latest CVS.

Martin Juhl

I have just uploaded virtualgl 2.2.99 to the repos.. building right now..

Could you please verify that it works, when it's done building???

Martin Juhl

BTW. 2.2.99 is just a number I gave it.. contains newest CVS version..

Martin Juhl

Packages are now available... please report back :D

rockorequin rockorequin closed this October 04, 2011

It's all good now, the latest virtualgl package no longer crashes.

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