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#Linode Deployment Script

This a script for deploying a linode web server for ubuntu 11.10

This will be getting ported to chef at one point (or puppet, I don't know yet)

This script gives the capability to deploy a simple webserver with a LEMP stack (Linux, NGINX, MySQL and PHP).

It has two modes: You can deploy nginx by itself or as a passenger module if you're doing ruby stuff or planning to run gitlab (which is awesome by the way)

  • USER= the main user of the server (so as not to run root)
  • PASSWORD= the user's password
  • HOSTNAME= the hostname (must be linked to ip)
  • DOMAIN=the domain you plan to set the server up with
  • SHORTDOMAIN=your domain without the .com
  • POSTFIX_FIX= $domain
  • LOCALE= the language you speak
  • CHARSET= the charset of that language
  • PORT= for secure ssh, we're going to close down port 22 so pick an alternate port
  • PERMITROOTLOGIN=do you want to permit the root to login directly?
  • PASSWORDAUTHENTICATION=can the user authentica with password if the ssh keys don't match?
  • X11FORWARDING=forward x11
  • PUBLIC_KEY= you local machines' public key
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD=password for mysql
  • PHP_MODS=any additional mods to compile with php
  • DEPS= dependencies ######don't really need these if gitlab is being installed
  • NGINX_GZ=path to nginx download
  • NGINX_VER=version of nginx ######git and gitlab
  • GITLAB= TRUE or FALSE - will you be installing gitlab (which needs passenger nginx or just regs)
  • GITLABDOMAIN=domain of gitlab
  • GITLABSHORTDOMAIN=same thing, no dotcom
  • GIT_USER_EMAIL=your user git email
  • GIT_USER_NAME=you user git name

When first run, ssh into your server as root, then run sudo aptitude install git git-core

cd into your home dir cd /root

followed by git clone git:// deployment

and then of course ./

and you're off!

If you're doing gitlab, make sure you hit 1 when it asks you if you want it to download and compile nginx for you.

Also, make sure to change repo_umask to 0007 from 0077 in the configuration for gitolite

A few notes: currently, for gitlab, I have cloned it and that repo has a branch called 'stable' which is the last tested set of commits that I have found to work. However, you can always change that path to to get the latest code