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USA Rugby Statistics system

This system, originally developed by Matt Trenary, provides an interface and tracking for USA Rugbys National Championship Series. "The National Championship Series web application is designed to facilitate the management of championship event rosters, scores, and game information. It is designed to work from any phone, computer, or tablet that can access the internet."


To configure the database create file app/config.php with the following structure:


$config = array(
  'username' => 'user',
  'password' => 'pass',
  'database' => 'db',
  'server'   => '',
  'consumer_key'    => 'DEADBEEF',
  'consumer_secret' => 'BEEFDEAD',
  'auth_domain'     => '', // Optional
  'admin_group_uuid' => 'ffc1b780-cc4c-11e1-9e39-12313d2a2278',
  'verify_peer' => TRUE // FALSE if you're connecting to sandbox where HTTPS is invalid.
  'cdn' => ''

Included under directory: "db" is the DDL used for the system; if there are updates to the structure this can be documented using the following command:

mysqldump -d <db_name> --skip-add-drop-table --skip-add-locks --skip-disable-keys --skip-set-charset --skip-comments --compact -u<user> -p<pass> > db/schema.sql


Information about current updates and status of the database schema can be managed with the doctrine cli:

bin/doctrine migrations:status

Updating to the latest version:

bin/doctrine migrations:migrate

Javascript and CSS.

In order to add in the proper javascript, in your commandline in the top level directory run make.
If you choose to update the hash on any of the files, be sure to run make to update them.


Note this project uses composer to manage dependencies.

Quick start:

git clone ...
composer.phar install


Generate a token for this app:


Iframe Usage

Currently games support iframeable elements. There are several parameters you can pass in the [GET] request to /game.php in order to properly retrieve iframes.

  • ?iframe=TRUE
    • Must be passed for all iframe requests
  • ?id=
    • This can either be a uuid of a game or an id.
  • ?uuid=
    • Either the id or uuid may be included in the request, but the id take priority.
  • ?ops=
    • An array of parts of the page you want to receive in the iframe.
    • Possible options:
      • game_info
      • game_score
      • game_rosters
      • game_score_events
      • game_sub_events
      • game_card_events


Additionally, you can also request standings for a league or division, in order to do that you have to specify a group to display standings in when you are creating the competition.

    • Get the html representation of standings based on sportsml generated and interpreted with our xsl sheet.
    • Get the xml file with all the standings data formatted in sportsml.


Build Status

Mink/Behat Testing

In order to start using the testing framework, you first have to install mink/behat from composer dev so run:

compose update --dev

Next step is to modify your behat.yml.dist file:

    class:  'FeatureContext'
      goutte:    ~
      selenium2: ~

And finally, run the tests by running:


Optionally, add params like host:

export BEHAT_PARAMS="formatter[name]=progress&context[parameters][base_url]=http://localhost"

To look at mink extensions available that you can use in your tests,

To create your own,

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