A set of Paster templates for Django projects, including a fabric deployment script
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News apps template

Blog post about this

Clone this repository and run:

python setup.py install

It will install PasteScript, Cheetah and Fabric. So you may want to create a new virtualenv.

Once installed, run:

paster create --template=newsapps_project example_project

The newsapps_project template is very similar to django_project. Major differences include:

  • A much larger fabric deployment script with a bunch of goodies
  • Removed and refactored config directories. There are now dirs for production, staging and common.
  • Tightly integrated with Chicago Tribune’s News apps Amazon EC2 Image (ami-ff17fb96 on us-east)
  • Removed CruiseControl stuff.
  • Added a ‘manage’ script in the project root to make management commands accessible.


This project contains templates for creating a new Django project. It’s like running django-admin.py startproject but it creates a more complete application skeleton.

All you need to do is install the package from PyPi like so:

python easy_install django-project-templates

And then creating a project skeleton is as simple as:

paster create --template=django_project example_project

For bonus points you should probably be running this inside a virtualenv.

Note that this project skeleton is still in flux. It definitely contains some things that are personal preference but it hopefully makes up for it with useful tools like a reasonably complete fabric based deployment setup and configs for CruiseControl. And yes, more documentation would be nice.