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A simple Pytest plugin for opening editor on the failed tests.

Installation & usage

Install with:

pip install pytest-edit

After installing the plugin, you need to rerun your tests before the plugin will be able to open them for edition.


pytest --edit

This will open your $EDITOR at the first line of the last failed test. Not all editors are capable of opening a file at a given line, and not all editors that do are supported by pytest-edit. See below.

You can also specify the test using its index in the shortreport, for example:

pytest --edit=2    # will open the third failed test from the last run.
pytest --edit=-2   # will open the second-to-last failed test from the last run.

Setting the right editor & editor support

Use $EDITOR environment variable to set the editor that should be opened. E.g. you can add export EDITOR=vim line to your .bashrc or .zshrc to set the editor to vim.

If no editor is set, the defaults are vi for POSIX platforms and notepad for Windows.

The plugin tries to be cleaver about the options given to the detected editor. If something is not working properly for you, don't hesitate to open an issue.

If an editor is not supported, the file of the specified test will be opened without specifying the line the editor should place the cursor at.

I have not tested 90% of the editor support - there are at least 3 platforms with tens of different editors. Issues & PRs welcome.