Leaflet plugin to view mouse coordinates
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What is this?

A Leaflet plugin to view mouse coordinates. Also the user can change the coordinates and get a marker on that position viewing the coordinates.

Tested with Leaflet 0.5+

Demo anyone?

Have a look

How to use?

	position:"bottomleft", //optional default "bootomright"
	decimals:2, //optional default 4
	decimalSeperator:".", //optional default "."
	labelTemplateLat:"Latitude: {y}", //optional default "Lat: {y}"
	labelTemplateLng:"Longitude: {x}", //optional default "Lng: {x}"
	enableUserInput:true, //optional default true
	useDMS:false, //optional default false
	useLatLngOrder: true, //ordering of labels, default false-> lng-lat
	markerType: L.marker, //optional default L.marker
	markerProps: {}, //optional default {},
	labelFormatterLng : funtion(lng){return lng+" lng"}, //optional default none,
	labelFormatterLat : funtion(lat){return lat+" lat"}, //optional default none
	customLabelFcn: function(latLonObj, opts) { "Geohash: " + encodeGeoHash(latLonObj.lat, latLonObj.lng)} //optional default none



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