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Welcome to Bitcart SDK's documentation!

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Bitcart is a platform to simplify cryptocurrencies adaptation. This SDK is part of bitcart. Using this SDK you can easily connect to bitcart daemon and code scripts around it easily.

Behold, the power of Bitcart:

from bitcart.coins.btc import BTC

btc = BTC(xpub="your x/y/zpub or x/y/zprv")

def callback_func(event, tx):


This simple script will listen for any new transaction on your wallet's addresses and print information about them like so:


And if you add print(btc.get_tx(tx)) it would print full information about every transaction, too!

To run this script, refer to :doc:`installation <installation>` section. For examples of usage, check examples directory in github repository.

Supported coins list(⚡ means lightning is supported):

  • Bitcoin (⚡)
  • Litecoin (⚡)
  • Gravity Zero (⚡)
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