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NoodleLineNumberView and Lion #1

richard-koch opened this Issue Jul 23, 2011 · 7 comments

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TeXShop uses NoodleLineNumberView. On Lion, line numbers do not scroll when text content scrolls using overlay scrollers. They do scroll with legacy scrollers. Strangely, line numbers scroll in full screen mode with overlay scrollers. Line numbers correctly appear when a window is opened, and correctly update when a window is resized.

Debugging shows that drawHashMarksAndLabelsInRect is called during scrolling, and tries to draw correct line numbers. It appears that the cliprect is incorrectly set in NSRulerView. Indeed, I can see a small sliver at the bottom of the line number rectangle, about two millimeters high, being correctly written.

This might be incorrect code in TeXShop, but the amount of code I had to add to get line numbers was minuscule. (Thanks for that!)


I'll see if I can wrangle some time to take a look at this but the way you make it sound seems like a Lion bug. Are you able to replicate this using the sample app?


Any solution for this bug ?

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