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Next.JS 9 Runtime config bug

It is known that runtime config is not supported in static-optimized pages. However, this repo demonstrates that even when runtime config is used only in server-rendered pages, the runtime config can still be ignored, which is not expected.


This demo consists of 2 pages:

  • pages/index.js - A landing page that contains a link to data page. The page is meant to be static-optimized.
  • pages/data.js - The data page that depends on API_URL in public runtime config. This page is meant to be server-rendered.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Clone this repository & yarn
  2. yarn build
  3. API_URL=https://my.api yarn start and visit http://localhost:3000
  4. Click "Data page" link on http://localhost:3000. Browser will navigate to http://localhost:3000/data without full reload.

Expected behavior

The /data page shows:

We show data from API URL: https://my.api

Actual behavior

The /data page shows:

We show data from API URL:

Runtime config "API_URL" in server-rendered page does not present.

However, if we visit http://localhost:3000/data directly, we can see the API URL again.


  • next: 9.1.2
  • react: 16.11.0
  • react-dom: 16.11.0
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