GY-NEO6MV2 GPS Module with Arduino
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Hello Robotics geeks!!

The Global Positioning System known as GPS is launched 40 years ago, nowadays it works with 31 Sattelite orbiting our earth. The early use of the GPS was for military purposes, however, today industries brought it to our pockets integrating them in our cellphone and we use them daily in the majority of apps.

The GPS was introduced to the Robotics field too, and it becomes so easy to use when working with microcontrollers, and if you need a GPS for your next project and you want an affordable reliable module, the GY-NEO6MV2 GPS Module is the one to go with. GY-NEO6MV2 GPS Module

This tiny GPS Module can connect to 4 Sattelite and it is pretty accurate. The library I use to interact with this module makes getting coordinates very easy., just add it to your libraries, connect the module, and run the code below. You will need to download SoftwareSerial library to communicate with the module.

To check if the module is properly connected to a satellite, a red led should blink on it.

The library has few useful examples too, so go and try them yourself.

That’s it!! Best of Luck guys. Feel free to ask anything and suggest what sensors do you want me to blog about.

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