All Icons Component and Module Instructions

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Install the component via the standard Joomla extension feature. Once installed, you can access the component via the dropdown menu. An initial icon is included as an example for your own icons.

If you wish to categorize your icons, first use the All Icons Category function to define the category. That will create a standard Joomla category. Icon's don't have to have a category, but it may help to organize the icons if you have a large amount. You can also specify an ACL user group for the category as another way to restrict who sees which group of icons.

Create a new icon by pressing the 'New' button from the icon manager screen. The link should point to an existing component in the format 'index.php?option=com_cache'. The image should be a 48x48px .png and stored in the 'administrator/templates/{template name]/images/header' directory. (Note the standard Joomla adminstrator template is 'bluestork'. Save the icon when finished editing.

The icons are displayed in the All Icons Module. Edit the module parameter via the module manager. Note - You must switch the module manager display from 'Site' to 'Administrator' to display the administrator modules.

Edit the All Icons module to publish it. Make sure it is set to display in the 'icon' position. You can also specify the icon categories to display. Once published and placed in the icon position, your icons will now display on the site control panel.