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Changes since v2.1.2


  • Updated and tested dependencies: Animate.css 3.5.1, jQuery 2.1.4
  • Tested with Grunt ESLint 18.0.0 and minified with Grunt Uglify 1.0.1 (51300cb)


This major release overhauls (da8c6fe) the way speed is handled internally.

Previously, the timeout was initialised directly after the entrance animation begun.

Now, it will only be initialised after the entrance animation has completed (no overlapping).

This should eradicate any potential unpredictable behaviour as reported in #7, and #9.

External options, and methods should remain the same (e.g. stop()).

Technically, there are no breaking changes.



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Please do feel free to open up an issue, make a pull request or contact me if you have any questions, issues, etc. Documentation should be in and the source code (I am also contactable on IRC at FyreChat #sandbox channel).

Thank you for your support.

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Changes since v1.0.0


  • Updated and tested dependencies: Animate.css ~3.2.5, jQuery ~2.1.1 (2698e1b)
  • Tested with Grunt ESLint 11.0.0 and minified with Grunt Uglify ^0.9.1 (2698e1b)
  • Refactored the source twice; changes to the internal API (142ae59 and 368659b)
  • Resolved issues in #2 and #4


  • Improved documentation and package meta data
  • Replaced Grunt JSHint with ESLint (cb4b885)
  • Moved test task to occur before minification (4f37074)
  • Improved current index counter using modulo operator (368659b)
  • Updated demo (index.html) to use a different CDN and animations (90ebf98 and 5f3cecb)


  • Fixed out animation class being override by the in animation class; conflict in animation class results in no transitions (#1 and #2; 0c972e4)
  • Fixed browser reflow for same animation classes (f3f3105 and for Safari 81debab)
  • Fixed animation end callback being fired multiple times after the first cycle (#4 and 368659b)

New features

  • Introduced stop() method
  • Introduced complete option which accepts a callback function and it is fired after an item is animated in
  • Added class name during in animations and out animations; mis-in and mis-out respectively (368659b)

Using stop()

var morphist = $("#js-rotating").Morphist({
    animateIn: 'rotateIn',
    animateOut: 'rotateOut'
var data ="plugin_Morphist");

// Start Morphist (autostarts by default)

// Stop Morphist


A huge thank you to @Netherland and @procmail for their contributions to this project 👍

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This release is no longer supported. Please use at your own discretion.