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v3.0.0 Roadmap #1

5 of 23 tasks
MrSaints opened this issue Sep 15, 2015 · 3 comments
5 of 23 tasks

v3.0.0 Roadmap #1

MrSaints opened this issue Sep 15, 2015 · 3 comments


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The current version is v1.0.0, although in reality I'd consider it v0.0.0. This thread will cover the "essentials" that needs to be done before a proper release (i.e. app store) can be made.

On a slightly related note, I'm planning on switching away from MDL entirely. It's a great framework, but it's built with too much reliance on its JS libraries (with a bunch of listeners)

I've decided to redo the entire extension, starting with a new CSS framework. It's most likely going to be Bootstrap 4 (Alpha). Rationale is simple: it's widely used, and its new version is fairly lightweight. It works without JS, and it feels a lot more predictable than MDL.

v2.0.0 is committed. Refactored, and reorganised the entire app. It's now using Bootstrap 4 (Alpha). Components, actions, stores, and constants are further compartmentalised, and cleaned up.

This is the roadmap for the next major release v3.0.0.


  • Date specific (default):- "DD/MM/YY" | Time
  • Query specific:- "Searching: X" | Time and date (same for stale visits)
  • Query, and date specific:- "Searching: X on DD/MM/YY" | Time


  • Pagination (???) / Show X results (e.g. All);
  • Search ALL (i.e. not date specific - how to best handle this?).

To be added

A separate webpack config should be created for the development environment. The extension also needs an automatic packager / builder (e.g. gulp).

  • Settings page: alter date format;
  • Deleting single URL;
  • Deleting ALL / selected;
  • Undo delete (recycle bin?);
  • Sorting (e.g. by date, and alphabetical order)
  • Grouping (e.g. by hostname);
  • Tagging (i.e. custom search);
  • Reset;
  • About / metainfo page (e.g. version);
  • Show full URL.

Under consideration

  • omnibox
  • Most visited (by date? should this be on a separate page?) | Could use topSites API;
  • Statistics or something fancy... (see above)
  • Routing (???);
  • Custom calendar element (I don't like the current one);
  • Star on bookmarks;
  • Autoreload.


  • Retrieving real dates / times (for stale links);
  • Fix pagination when "ALL" limit is used;
  • Button to refresh stale results (possibly the title);
  • Reduce font-size?

Perhaps we should use Immutable.js...

@MrSaints MrSaints changed the title v1.1.0 v2.0.0 Sep 16, 2015
@MrSaints MrSaints changed the title v2.0.0 v2.0.0 Roadmap Sep 17, 2015
@MrSaints MrSaints changed the title v2.0.0 Roadmap v2.4.0 Roadmap Sep 21, 2015
@MrSaints MrSaints changed the title v2.4.0 Roadmap v3.0.0 Roadmap Sep 22, 2015
This was referenced Sep 24, 2015
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MrSaints commented Jan 3, 2016


Started work on v3.0.0. New design.

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I got bored, and rewrote it, again:

chrome-extension___lnbocnimmniifabkofgadjjikegejgeh_build_index html laptop with hidpi screen

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Moving some of the issues to a v3 project.

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