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Jinja2 A/B testing extension

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This is an A/B testing extension for Jinja. It allows you to encode experiments in your templates and renders the experiment selected by the AB_EXPERIMENT environment variable. 'control' is the default experiment name if AB_EXPERIMENT is not specified!

To install:

pip install jinja-ab

Enable the extension in your code like this:

import os
import jinja_ab

env = Environment(

os.environ['AB_EXPERIMENT'] = 'v1'
template = env.get_template('index.html')
return template.render(context)

The template syntax is:

{% experiment control %}This is the control{% endexperiment %}
{% experiment v1 %}This is version 1{% endexperiment %}

Alternative syntax is also supported:

{% ab control %}This is the control{% endab %}
{% ab v1 %}This is version 1{% endab %}

You can also mix the two tags in a single template:

{% experiment control %}This is the control{% endexperiment %}
{% ab v1 %}This is version 1{% endab %}

Single and double quoted names are also supported!

NOTE: this extension deals with rendering the template string based on the value of AB_EXPERIMENT. It is up to you or your Jinja2 based tools to decide what to do with the result. At Mr. Senko we use this extension as part of the pelican-ab plugin.


Source code and issue tracker are at https://github.com/MrSenko/jinja-ab

Commercial support

Mr. Senko provides commercial support for open source libraries, should you need it!