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Kiwi TCMS Enterprise Edition
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Kiwi TCMS Enterprise Edition

This repository contains downstream distribution for the Kiwi TCMS open source test case management system, dubbed Enterprise Edition.

This is designed and supported by Mr. Senko and thus differs from the upstream Docker image for Kiwi TCMS:

  • Based on kiwitcms/kiwi Docker image
  • Automated error logs sent to Mr. Senko via Sentry
  • Versioned static files, CDN ready
  • Amazon SES available as email backend, see django-ses
  • Extra authentication backends available, see python-social-auth
  • Database configuration possible via DATABASE_URL environment variable, see dj-database-url
  • Multi-tenant configuration enabled
  • Compatible only with PostgreSQL !!!

While the software itself is open source we do not provide public access to the resulting mrsenko/kiwitcms-enterprise Docker image. This will be made available only to our subscribers. See for more information.

If you want to use Kiwi TCMS free of charge head to!

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